Hi guys, it's been quite long now since we bring the latest about online money making to you, which makes us look around and brought another awesome way of making money online to you - Gigs4five.

Introducing the Gigs4five referral system. Gigs4five is a freelancing agency just like fiver where you can buy and sell your services like graphic design, web design, S. E. O services, etc. It's newly established. They need new users to patronize their site so they launched a referral program in which you can get $2 (N700) per person you referred to Gigs4five.

NB: Gigs4five is not a Nigeria website. So, you need a VPN to register and for browsing the site, for you not to encounter bugs. Register as a Nigerian.

Minimum withdrawal is $6 and maximum withdrawal is unlimited.
You can withdraw using PayPal, Payoneer or Bitcoin.

Needed Materials to Register On Gigs4five
1. A valid new email address
2. A VPN (Any VPN with a steady US IP address will do)

Since Gigs4five is not available for Nigerian, you just need A VPN to connect with the USA IP, before you can gain access to the site.

It’s best to take a few moments to research on free or premium VPN that best suits your needs!
I normally use Premium ExpressVPN though and ensure to use the ONLY USA server address. You can use ip2location.com to confirm your IP location.

How to  Register On Gigs4five
The steps and precautions on how you can be members of Gigs4five are listed below for non-USA residents and USA residents. So, if you are from Nigeria you can still be among the members and enjoy this great offer.

How to Register on Gigs4five
  • Connect your VPN to USA IP
  • Click here or Open the link below on your browser, then input your details and register.
Register via this referral link: https://www.gigs4five.com?referral=2069462501
  • Login to your email account and activate your account.
  • Copy your referral link and start earning
How to Copy your Refer Link on Gigs4five
  • After you have successfully logged-in to your account, at the top of the site right Conner you will see an icon like a single person's passport. 
  • Click on it, then select the dashboard menu
  • Select my refer Click on user refer.
  • From there you will see your referral link and other information about your referrals
  • Copy the link and share it with your friend to start earning.
The minimum withdrawal on Gigs4five is 6$ (N2000).
You can withdraw your money into your PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Account (your Nigeria bank account) or Bitcoin.

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Warnings: Always ensure to use a US IP address while accessing your Gigs4five account.

What are you waiting for? Start earning by referring your friends.

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  1. Replies
    1. As I said in the post, the VPN I'm using is premium one, which is Expressvpn, if you have interest in it, get it here.
      Someone has confirmed to me that Samsung Max Freemium VPN works for it.
      Those who know other reliable and stable free VPN should please drop the name of that VPN for the benefit of others.

  2. this site is cool and its like https://www.nglancer.com.ng
    but can i get pain in naira here like nglancer.com.ng ?

  3. The site is not login in my account, it keeps showing Mammam account

  4. I refereed two people nothing was added to my account

    1. Make sure you use your correct referral link.

  5. What we be require of the person you referr does he or she have to complete any task other than signup?

    1. There are plenty of services hang onto your hat on Gigs4five.
      Once you have signed up, you can choose to be a buyer or seller.

      For everything that you do not know how to do yourself, or you simply don’t have the time, Gigs4five sellers are at your service.

      Sellers: Gigs4five provides you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent, skill or a hobby into a permanent or temporal source of income.

      How to create successful Gigs to make more money on Gigs4five is our point in question for another day, just watch out.

  6. Thank you Sir for tbis opportunity. I referred one person and nothing was added to my account. And yes I used the right referral ink

    1. Your referral have to be approved if he's illegal; just wait some days for approval... moreover you should see pending and approved earning on your referral dashboard.

    2. Dear Egbukor, your support in this discussion is greatly appreciated.

  7. @shelaf have you confirm if they truly pays? And also,how do we withdraw to our Nigeria bank account like you stated up there?

    Thanks for your reply in anticipation.

    1. Please choose other option for now.
      Use paypal, payoneer or bitcoin option.

      Surely, they will pay you once your ways of referring people are genuine, your earning will be approved, but it may take up to 12 days before your earning confirmed.

  8. Hello Mr shelaf,have you confirmed if they truly payout?
    Secondly,teach us how to withdraw to our bank account like you said up there.

    Make e no be say na audio money o!!!

  9. This question was asked but you didn't give accurate answer to it. The question is after you refer someone to the site using your correct link, does the person have to do anything on the site before u get paid?

  10. Now the question is, after you refer someone to the site, does the person have to do anything in order for you to qualify for the referral earning of $2?

  11. Sir I have 8$ pending already.. How can I withdraw

  12. How is this different from Metowork? the same type of site design with different nomenclature. Has anyone been paid?

  13. Please answer to @leocozy's question shelaf so.. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  14. Please I will like to know if it only when they purchase a service my refers are counted?

  15. It’s almost a month now,and my referral earning is still showing pending...