Slots vary by theme, paylines and rewards but all are incredibly simple to play and reward punters who score winning combinations across paylines. There really isn’t anything complicated or difficult about playing; in fact, the hardest bit is deciding how to safely fund your slot game habit. With a multitude of options, it can be difficult to decide on how to best top up your account securely in the quickest possible way. That’s where we come in. Keep reading if you want the most popular Daisy Slots payment options for slots deposits explained.

Debit Card Online Slot Deposits
The OG method of banking if you will. A debit card that is linked to your bank account will only allow you to make use of funds that are actually there. That means you are restricted to what is physically available in your account. From research, most of the best casinos have this as a preferred option, often offering additional rewards if this despot is used. Money arrives in your account almost immediately so you don’t even need to worry about waiting to start playing. We love this option because it forces players to limit spending and only bet what they can actually afford. Something that sounds easy enough, but is often rather difficult to do.

Credit Cards for gaming payments
Credit cards allow us to indulge in the guilty pleasures and finer things of life without having to worry about it, whether it’s really a sensible idea until later - namely at the payment due date. It’s for this reason that credit cards are the most favored option to deposit for the majority of slot punters. Bankrolls are topped up near instantly, meaning there’s no time to dwell on it or impatiently wait. Often credit card companies also insure most payments so from a security perspective, it can feel like the safer option too. However, it comes at a risk and one that we warn you to take seriously. Using credit cards to despot for slot games can feel like playing with free money. It’s not. You will have to pay back the amount, and often with interest on top. So if you can’t afford it at the time don’t play with what you can’t spend and make sure you gamble sensibly.

E-Wallet Slots
E-wallet might seem a bit strange and mysterious, but in fact it is exactly what it sounds like. E-wallet services allow you to store your card details in an online wallet, ready to use as payment over the Internet. They boast some of the securest technologies and are sure ways to make sure all transactions are not only private but also insured.  The most popular example of such is – PayPal.

Incredibly new and often unheard of, cryptocurrency is the new cool kid on the block. Exchanging real money for virtual currency, however is fast becoming one of the most chosen methods of payment deposits. Transactions are faster, more secure and are by fast the most private as they are practically untraceable by classic bank systems as soon as the money leaves your normal account.

However, you are to choose to deposit money to fund your slot game hobby, we urge to bet sensibly and have fun!

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