Do you know that the money you use in building one house could be utilized to build two? Do you know that you don’t have to be a millionaire in Lagos to acquire land? Do you want expertise in your building construction without having many hitches that are common with construction workers? This post is for you if you have doubts concerning any of these three questions.

Many contractors make almost 50% from building project contracts due to the coy way they charge people, thereby discouraging many people from seeking to acquire land of their own. Do not consider owning a house next to impossible; Root Rock Services LTD is here to make you a landowner.

ROOT ROCK SERVICES LTD is a unique construction company that designs and builds modern houses, engage in the real estate business and as well deals in land acquisitions, basically in Lagos and all over Nigeria. We help people actualize their dream of building a home, office facilities and estates with the right digital tools, at a high standard, but very affordable rate, and within a short range of time.

With our years of experience in building, designing and house construction, we can provide excellent services in terms of resource management, cost reduction and building a house that is of high standard and with modern appeals. We are phenomenal when it comes to building and land acquisitions.

While dishonesty and delay have plagued various construction companies over the years, ROOT ROCK SERVICES LTD has proved reliable in building houses with high-quality definitions. We have provided addictive services that have earned the trust of our clients from various locations in recent times.

Why you should work with us
Do you know that entrusting building projects to non-professionals have resulted in the collapse of many buildings, which invariably birth waste of resources and countless lives? Are you aware that so many greedy contractors out there have siphoned most of their clients' resources into personal businesses, leaving the client empty, which has in effect resulted in the popular saying of ‘one block one year’? Are you also aware that our building contracts are based on percentage? Now you should know what we’re alluding to and why you should patronize us as soon as possible. WE HAVE BEEN TESTED IN ALL THESE RESPECTS AND PROVEN TRUSTWORTHY.

ROOT ROCK SERVICES LTD is well known in
  • Providing verified and authentic lands free of additional charges common among land sellers.
  • Greater commitment and competency in overrunning house building projects entrusted to us.
  • Providing professional services at an affordable rate.
  • Working with the main objective of helping thousands of Nigerians own a home.
  • Working with experts that are professionals in the field of engineering, architecture and manual building which brings about efficiency and speedy production within a space of time. 
  • Honesty in resource management, thereby making you to see the result of every single-money you entrust in the project.
  • We ensure that 100% of your fund is geared directly to your project; no waste of resources no extra charges.
We are ready to give our amiable clients, our BEST

Contact us for the following
  • Land acquisitions
  • Real estate management
  • House design and building
No more hesitating, save our phone number and contact us on WhatsApp right now and ask us anything you want to know about your next building project. We are ready to discuss with you and guide you.

Call or WhatsApp: 07038427188, 07032593719
Instagram @rootrockofficial

Beware: our services are highly addictive

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