It seems Airtel doesn't want to toy with the position hijacked from Globacom (the second-largest Telecom provider in Nigeria). In a way to secure the position and chained her 123,327 data subscribers, Airtel My Offer has been introduced which is for you to get more data and more value.

Airtel my offer is the new data offer from Airtel NG to all subscribers. It makes data quite affordable for purchase and is available for new and existing subscribers. Each Airtel active SIM card is eligible for a special offer, depending on your SIM card. You should get an exclusive data offer when you dial the code below;

Simply dial *141# and then, choose My Offer by reply with 1.

You’ll get a list of all the available data offers your SIM is eligible for. Then you can proceed and subscribe to any data plan of your choice.

Like mine, when I dialed the ussd code, I saw these;
Data Price Validity
 150MB  N100   Daily
 400MB  N200 3 Days
 2GB  N500  Daily
 1.5GB  N500  14 Days
 3GB  N1000  1 Month
 4GB  N1200  1 Month
 6GB  N1500  1 Month
 9GB  N2000  1 Month

Dial *140# to check your data balance or *123*1#  to check your data and airtime bonus balance.

Note that the offer works great on new Airtel Sim Cards. This is what Airtel used to replace the old 100% data offer, but with this, you don't need to stress yourself on dial any code for activating the offer.

All you need is to check the available offer by dial *141# and reply with 1 to see the offer.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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    1. Mumu who told you it's not true? Am using it right now sef..... jombosco lyk you

    2. Are you normal? Why trolling a valid information as this?

  2. 1000% truth. Don't condemn things. State what you are facing so that he can help you not bashing the poster.

  3. its true . iv seen the offer though it varies in sim

  4. If I sub for 3gb will I get double data... Cos iz a new SIM card

  5. Wow! This is incredible. My offer extends to 16GB for 3k. Monthly offer. I will go this immediately.

  6. New sim that is not used for three months is eligible. Buy new Airtel sim to enjoy.

  7. Mine is. A new sim can I be eligible