This new version of Yahoo Mail app just reminded me that I do still have an email account with Yahoo! It is so long since I have used it, I had actually forgotten all about it.

I don’t use Yahoo for search even though I believe that it is supposedly better than Bing as it draws results from both Google and Bing and is supposed to provide the better of the two results.

Yahoo is desperately trying to regain its premium position it had a few years back. We're not sure how many people still using a Yahoo mail account, but we know that its subscriber base has drained a lot. The company has just unveiled a brand new logo and a new Yahoo Mail app.

The new app is available for Android and iOS users and brings some important changes over the previous one. First off, it will allow users to customize their push notification to highlight the type of mail they want to be alerted of, as well as personalize the Yahoo Mail inbox with custom color themes and sounds.

The new Yahoo Mail app comes with a new view that lets users access all their attachments, including travel documents, tickets, photos, and essential files. There's another view for subscriptions that allow users to browse shopping emails and unsubscribe from any newsletter with a single tap directly within the app.

Also, you'll now have three separate types of deal that you can view in different tabs: Deals View, Location View (iOS only) and Grocery View. Finally, the app will highlight timely updates like package tracking, travel info, or a deal that's close to expiring (iOS only).

If you still like to be using Yahoo Mail, you can now download the new Mail app for iPhone and Android via App Store and Google Play.

For me, I don’t think there is anything Yahoo could do at this time to entice me back to using its mail, but, if you are still actively using Yahoo Mail, Let us know via the comment section.

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