The Airtel Triple Data Offer has been in existence since early in the year 2017, but up till now, only a few people are enjoying the offer in lowkey, some of us thought that the offer is no more available. So, today, I will share it with you guys as it's still blazing hot, the new method of activating the Airtel Triple Data Offer.

This offer is quite similar to the MTN YafunYafun offer. Airtel Triple data offer rewards you with 3x the amount of data that you purchase. For instance, if you purchase a data bundle of N1000, which gives you 1.5GB data, you will get 4.5GB data, plus N3000 airtime bonus to call all networks. That is three times of your N1000 and the 1.5GB data that you purchased. Applicable for 90 days on all purchases of data bundles below N5000.

It is a means of shocking new customers as well as enticing old customers to re-activating their dormant lines.

How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer
You need to purchase and register a new Airtel SIM or use an Airtel SIM less than 3 months old.

Presently, SmartCONNECT 6.0 is Airtel's default bonus plan for prepaid customers, which offers 100% or triple INSTANT bonus on every data bundle plus 8 times bonus on every recharge.
  • You must load your new SIM with any amount of money for the SIM to be fully activated
  • Then, Send GET to 141.
  • You should receive a response message like this,
    Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS
  • Next is to, send, MIFI to 141.
  • After that, recharge your SIM with the amount of the data you wish to purchase.
  • Once done, simply purchase any data plan that the airtime can afford, let’s say you recharged N1,000 airtime, and you subscribe to the normal plan, you should get times three of the data plan.
Dial *123*1# for bonus balance, *123*2# for voice bundle balance or *140# for data bundle balance

The airtime bonus of the plan is valid for 7 days, but the main account does not have a validity period.

But validity period of the double data and general SIM bonus lasts for 90 whole days or 3 months from Airtel SIM activation date.
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  1. Whenni send the second command MIFI to 141 i receive this massage For more information on our mobile internet plans, visit does it mean i'm good to go?

    1. Bro, did you buy a new Sim card?

    2. I have tested it with 500 they gave me around 2.6GB using this exact method thank you shelaf.

  2. I have done that several times and got
    " *For more information on our mobile internet plans, visit* " as reply always

    1. Once you received a good response from the 1st code, just ignore that 2nd message and proceed by purchasing the data bundles of your choice, but to benefit from the offer, your subscription must below N5000.

  3. Am trying to do the 3.5GB and they are saying its 2000 Should I continue.
    Will they double it after the subscription??

  4. After getting a new sim and sending the GET, i received a message that i do not qualify for the offer...what the hell?

    1. Load your sim with any amount of money, then retry the code.

  5. Too much data for me! Thanks shelaf