Whether you are using Android or iOS, Truecaller is an app you need to have on your smartphone. Its many features make it the best contacts, dialer and SMS viewer app on Android and iOS today. In fact, it’s so filled with features that you might not be using some of the best ones. Revealing caller ID and spam blocking are their major features.

Truecaller is an app that identifies who is calling you. Such caller identification is useful to prevent telemarketers, spam calls, and fraudsters.

In Truecaller’s case, the color of the incoming call’s contact tells you whether it’s spam or not. A blue contact card usually means it’s safe, while a red contact card means you shouldn’t pick up.

I'm happy to let you know that Truecaller has added an important feature of a free audio calling service to their app. The feature is known as Truecaller Voice, the app can now be used to place free voice calls. The company said its VoIP service offers a clear, crisp and high-quality call even when data or WiFi coverage is low.

We are ecstatic with the launch of Truecaller Voice. We have been working towards building a full communication suite for our users and voice calling is the next big step in line with this mission.

Rishit Jhunjhunwala, VP of Product at Truecaller
Truecaller said its users are making more than 180 million phone calls through the Truecaller dialer per day. Half of the calls are to other Truecaller users, which is why the company has decided to launch its own VoIP service.

How to Make Free VoIP-powered Voice Calls with Truecaller Voice
For quick access to make free calls, the Truecaller Voice icon has been integrated into convenient places within the app such as your call logs, SMS Inbox, contact profile and after call screen.

With this, users can access the VoIP call anywhere within the Truecaller app without switching to other applications. The service is currently rolling out to Android users, only supports calls between two Truecaller users, will arrive on its iOS app soon.

For the new users, to try Truecaller Voice, download for free on Google Play or www.truecaller.com/download

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