Technology is one of the most engaging fields when it comes to writing a dissertation or PhD thesis paper. It is evident, as technology is life, and once you get to know more about it, you can’t just leave it. It sounds fun, but writing a quality thesis on 5G technology is a challenge. Let’s face it together!

Acknowledge the Role of Your Supervisor
Being masters or doctoral student you can’t deal without a supervisor, so it is better to accept it from the very beginning and work with him or her the most efficiently. Sometimes you are assigned with supervisor, and sometimes you are allowed to choose. When it comes to technical specialization, students are often allowed to choose, so here are some tips on how to do it right:
  • Don’t choose a star. There are “star” professors which are well known in campuses, have lots of publications, make speeches in conferences, etc. It is prestigious to be supervised by a professor, but it is good only for looks. Star supervisors simply don’t have time for you.
  • Read his or her works in advance. You choose not only a supervisor but assistance, the guide, who will help you all the way. It is good if you understand what he says or writes, it is even better if you agree with his or her ideas.
  • Have a preliminary meeting dedicated to 5G technology. Often you are allowed to have 10-15 minute talk with a potential advisor. Lots of students ignore this opportunity but you shouldn’t. Make preliminary research dedicated to 5G technology, write down some questions, and attend that meeting.
Get Ready to Emergencies and Work on Your Plan B
It would be nice to plan everything in your life and be sure it will be exactly that way in the end. Mistake! You should keep in mind that when it comes to essay writing or some projects, the failure is not too “expensive.” However, if you fail with your thesis paper, you ruin years of education and bury thousands of dollars. To have a back-up plan, you should find an academic expert PhD thesis writing service specialized in technology, and address it for assistance when you get stuck.

Create and Confirm Your 5G Research Plan
With the top-notch research plan, you have nothing to be worried about. If your plan is concise and answers top academic research demands, you won’t have many problems in bringing it to life. Here are some tips on how to deal with it fast and efficiently:
  • Make two types of plans: a research plan and an organizational plan. You can confirm both with your supervisor. The experienced supervisor will see not only the flaws in your research ideas but also problems with your writing organization. Of course, we all don’t like to be criticized, but try to see those comments as professional coaching.
  • Remember that your research plan is not definite. You are not in your first year in college, which means you truly don’t know how the research will go. You do real research and the results are vague and actually to be determined, so the plan should be clear but not rigid.
  • When it comes to topics like 5G technology you should use only the most up-to-date sources. The possibilities of 5G technologies were first widely discussed at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016. It means you should not use expert materials written before 2016. The best studies on these topics were done and published in 2018, so look for them.

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