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Torrentz lovers like you and me become really disappointed when torrentz shutdowns. For a long time, we people are using torrentz for our entire downloading thing, and suddenly it disappears. However, the actual reason behind the shutdown is still unknown, but the news says torrentz has been shut down because of commercial contents leaking. But, before the users feel sad about losing this website, there are many good alternatives for torrentz, already appeared online. So, Users who are in deep love with torrentz and download movies, TV serials, the software’s from torrentz, left no reason to become sad. These replica websites of torrentz offer a similar metasearch platform like torrentz where users can download any contents for absolutely free of cost.

In this blog post, we will see some good alternatives to Torrentz Metasearch that works exactly like torrentz.

5 Best Torrentz Alternatives that Still Works in 2019
Before I present the list, here is warming for all- Government, ISP, and cyber cell are making torrenting prohibit around the globe, so it is highly suggested to use good VPN services or torrentz proxy to enjoy torrent sites safely.

Torrentz2 is an exact replica of torrentz website. When I saw this website first time, could not able to differentiate with the original. It looks and makes you feel same as the torrentz.

When it comes to features and service, it's almost similar to torrentz2. Simple, fast loading and easy to use make this website more comfortable to use. One clear and big search option comes up on the homepage, where you can search for the content you’re looking for.

RARBG: https:/
The moment torrentz got banned; there are tons of new websites started with similar features to torrentz. But, RARBG is a website that comes among top 10 torrent sites in the world. After torrentz, RARBG is one of most trusted torrents sites right now.

However, the Government also has targeted this website for piracy. But, with an active VPN service, one can easily access RARBG and download the contents for free.

Compare to other torrent sites Torlock is very new to this field, but launched with great features. Apart from the huge collection of contents, this website also offers news updates for keeping yourself updated with the latest news. The quick go options, like movies, latest movies, games, TV series makes it easier for users to find the desired and trending contents on the internet. Overall, this is a perfect alternative to torrentz.

The Pirate Bay:
It's hard to not mention this website when we are talking about torrentz alternatives. Huge collections of online contents and easy to use features make this website one of the top torrent websites in the world. TPB comes among top three torrent websites like Torrentz, Kickass Torrent. However, in the race of survival where most of the torrent websites got banned, TPB somehow survived in many regions. However, it is suggested to use VPN for safe downloads.

Many torrent lovers might not know about this torrent site, but after few big sites got banned, Limetorrent is rapidly growing their user base. One can find almost all types of digital contents from the latest movies to games and TV shows. Friendly design and remarkable growing popularity fix its position in our top 5 list of torrentz alternatives.

Final Word
Hope you find some amazing similar sites to torrentz. However, these sites are not banned yet, but in the upcoming time, these might get a penalty. Using VPN services will be always good options for those who regularly use torrent sites.

This post was written by Sunirmal Das, a digital entrepreneur, and passionate tech blogger. Besides writing tech, I love reading books, playing games, and try out something new every day.

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