Do you have a video to share with your friend, but you are apprehensive about the original file format? Not all media players support all kinds of files. A file supported by your laptop may not be compatible with your mobile phone. In such cases, the best thing is to go for file conversion. There are conversion programs around, but if you want expert recommendations, Movavi Video Converter will be the thing for you. The software is developed by internationally reputed software developer Movavi and stands out with its lightning-fast speed and many other awesome features.

The post below shares a brief review of Movavi Video Converter.

To start with, Movavi Video Converter is compatible with a vast & versatile range of formats. Put simply, as a Movavi user, you can convert your video in any format from any format. It also works with image and audio conversion. Whether you want to convert your file for mobile phones or a for an operating system different from that of your own system- you can do everything with the Movavi software.

Then, as mentioned previously, Movavi Video Converter assures lightning-fast conversion speed. Backed by advanced SuperSpeed technology, the software is able to convert 79-81 times faster than other converter programs in the market. Most importantly, the converter program promises no loss of quality with the converted video. Thus, you can easily convert the high-end HD and ultra-HD files with the Movavi converter. You can safely compress file size with Movavi Video Converter. The program ensures maximum compression with zero errors.

And then, there is more.

Movavi Video Converter is not just about video conversion. In fact, it can help you with some editing tasks as well. If you want to rotate a clip or crop out an unwanted part or stabilize a shaky clip, you can do everything with Movavi Video Converter.

Last but not the least, the Movavi program is just a breeze to use and you won’t need any high-end technical skills to operate it.

Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Supports more than 180 media formats and over 200 mobile presets
  • Blazing conversion speed with no loss of video quality after conversion
  • Compresses file size and saves the video in the best possible size-to-quality ratio
  • Able to adjust audio volume in the video clip
  • Performs basic video editing functions
Useful tips for users
  • If you have multiple files to convert from the same format to another same format, you can add all the files at one go in the Movavi program for fast conversion.
  • The Movavi program is powered by instant device recognition capacity. If you want to convert the file for a mobile phone, just connect the device to your system before conversion and it will automatically convert your video for the mobile.
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