At last, Nigeria’s first indigenous Satellite TV - TStv, has now rolled out it's highly anticipated Satellite box to the general public.

The Sassy Decoder is currently being sold at NGN3,500 only and comes with a free month subscription.
The TStv Sassy Decoder was commercially rolled out to dealers with features slightly different from the yet-to-be-released ‘Dexterity’ decoder.
However, the Dexterity Decoder with more 'juicy' features will be released to the public soon. It's expected to come with the free 20GB data + 200 Channels. The Dexterity Decoders will be sold for NGN5,000 on rollout date.

See more the exclusive pictures of the New TStv Sassy Decoder below.

Where To Buy Sassy Decoders
TStv Sassy Decoders are now available for purchase in all 36 states of Nigeria. To check for the list of accredited Dealers closest to your area, click the link below.

Where To Buy TStv Sassy Decoders Near you!

Check out Sassy Decoder Kits from the video below
The wait is indeed over...
Happy Sassy ... Happy Easter!

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  1. Dexterity Decoder na em sure pass

  2. Finally...!!!

    But am still waiting for the Dexterity Decoder with free data and over 200 channels bcos this sassy is just not it...">

  3. Nice 1 shelaf ...

  4. Finally, its here. im tempted to buy sassy but looking at Dexterity' price and its features, i think i'll have to wait a little

  5. i am sure most people will wait for the dexterity decoder. that is if there is going to be a dexterity decoder. initially that was what TSTV used to make hype. only to now come up with a sassy decoder. am i expected to go and buy the sassy decoder for 3k5 and then cough out another 5k when the dexterity decoder is available?

  6. This is really great. People are saeiserio waiting for the Dexterity decoder.

  7. Thanks for the info
    i rep

  8. nice one, visit for foreign dj Mix