The Chinese mobile phone manufacturer - Tecno Mobile, is set to unleash a new smartphone. Named the Camon X, the device will come in two variations; a normal version and a Pro version. Tecno has been teasing this new device on social media for a while now, and it is now official that it is launching on April 5th.

Tecno Camon X and Camon X Pro will be unveiled on the 5th of April and it seems somehow confusing due to the facts that, the company launched the Camon CX and Camon CX Air, users are little disturbed with the ongoing rumor, although, it has been confirmed by the official Tecno Website and Facebook Fan page.

Both of the devices are expected to have similar specifications, but different memory storage. Moreover, their official specifications haven’t been revealed.

At present, none of the specs are official. And there are no leaked images to work with. But expectedly, the new Camon X will look mostly like the old Camon CM that launched a few months back.

Many articles online has suggested that the phone will feature a 60MP camera, dual selfie cameras, and an inbuilt liquid cooling system. I concur with the dual selfie cameras, but I don’t believe a 60MP camera neither a cooling system.

A liquid cooling system in 2018 is embarrassing for any company. It means the device most likely gets really, really hot. A 60MP camera means something has been interpolated. Which means nothing exciting.

Here are the expected key features of the Tecno Camon X and the Camon X Pro:
  • OS: Android 8.0 or 8.1 (Oreo) + HiOS 3.3 UI
  • Display: 18:9 6-inch Full HD
  • Processor Type: Most likely a Helio P23 or a Snapdragon 430
  • Graphics Processor Unknown
  • Internal Storage: 3GB RAM and 32GB Storage for normal. 4GB/128GB for the Pro
  • Back Camera:  12 + 20 MP Dual Rear Camera with Blink Tech, quad-LED flash, interpolated, and 8 MP Dual front Camera with dual LED flash
  • Other Features: Fingerprint scanner, Built-in Cooling system, Bluetooth 4.2, Dual SIM and 4G LTE Networks
  • Battery: 4000mAh with fast charging (or the usual 3000mAh we’re used to in the Camon line)
The rumored price is said to cost from N70,000 to N90,000.

There is a comment shared on Tecno's social media that Tecno upcoming Camon X takes better pictures than iPhone X Camera, I wondered why would someone compare the Tecno upcoming phone camera which is yet to surface with perhaps the best camera phone ever produced.

Note that the 60MP that has been hyped is probably just software nonsense meant for marketing purposes. Though, I'm excited about the dual rear setup that could mean really good photos. Plus, having a dual system means the CAMON line is now getting into the portrait mode game.

If all the stated features are exactly what Tecno Mobile aimed to do with the Camon X, this device will definitely be the best ever, but it is too early to be sure about anything on Camon X, just take everything with a pinch of salt. The real images and specifications of the Tecno Camon X will be communicated to you as soon as we get the naked truth.

What’s your say about the rumored specs and price of the coming Tecno Camon X?

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