Hello guys, it’s so good to have you on my blog. I want to believe, you already know what PayPal is all about, at least that is one reason why you opened and are reading this post. Hence, I’m going to skip all those long speeches about PayPal and move straight to the point.

Close to 4 years in which PayPal extend their service to Nigeria and 9 other countries. Anyone in Nigeria can actually open a PayPal Account with Nigeria IP address, but there are certain limitations in place and up till this moment, PayPal is not yet allowed Nigerian to have full access to their services. You can only use your Nigeria PayPal account to pay bills. In other words, you can only use it to spend online via your debit card. You can’t use a Nigeria PayPal Account to collect payment from online platforms or to receive earnings from your clients or to receive money from your friends, families and loved ones abroad.

But there is always a way out…
Some of us that are selling and buying PayPal funds actually have our PayPal accounts set up in other country names. The majority of such countries are USA, UK, UAE and South Africa. If you have a duly opened PayPal Account from any of this country, then you will be able to make payment with your PayPal Account and as well receive earnings with it from any websites in the world or even as a freelancer on popular websites such as Fiverr.

One major challenge you might have when using any of this country’s PayPal Account is that you can easily get your funds seized and at the end, you might lose it. Even if it’s as small as $20 or as huge as $20,000. You lose all, even after limiting you to over 180days.

I must tell you this, all the so-called ‘popular’ solutions I tried in the past just to have a well functioning PayPal Account have failed me completely. Despite the fact that I'm using strong VPN and I verified my USA PayPal account with a USA mobile number that I got from Textnow along with my active Payoneer US virtual Bank Account and Master Card, the USA PayPal Account that I'm using for the past 2 years through the method posted here, is now foiled and my funds on it was seized.

I got $229.67 in it. Suddenly, when trying to use the fund, PayPal is asking me to confirm my identity and I tried to use "textnow" number which I was previously used to verify the account, but PayPal is only saying "This number doesn't appear to be registered in your name. Please try again". This problem occurred when I mistakenly logged in to my USA PayPal account with my second laptop in which it was not the one I used to open the account. I have tried all the trick I know to bypass the limitation, but PayPal still pin down to spend my hard earned money.

No matter how you are smart, one thing I can guarantee you is that the account will get limited and later on closed down your account simply because it was not properly created and not carefully maintained. The next question that may come to your mind now should be, How then can I get an unthreatened and verified PayPal Account?

South Africa PayPal account is the way out now. The method I'm going to share with you today is a new and very simple method, but right now, it's very scarce to get it for free on the internet. You don't even need any VPN to access your PayPal Account, you can easily verify your account with your Nigeria debit (ATM) card and the most interesting part, you are good to go with your Nigeria IP Address! I’ve been using my own South Africa PayPal Account with Nigeria IP address close to 4 months now without any problem.
  • I can easily send and receive cash from anyone and anywhere. 
  • I can easily pay for products and services on sites that accept PayPal.
  • I can easily collect my earnings from Fiverr and other freelance websites.
  • I can easily key into any foreign websites like Valuedvoice, content.ad, seo clerk and other online programs to collect earnings easily.
  • I can easily access my PayPal account with my regular Nigeria IP anytime, any day and anywhere.
Now, I have rest of mind operating my fully functioning verified PayPal Account.

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Everyone knows that getting jobs online or getting customers to hire you is very difficult. It takes lots of effort to do promotion before getting sales. Why then should getting paid to be difficult?
I love to see everyone have a faster way to online success and that’s why I'm sharing this new method of open a verified PayPal Account with you, it is a 100% total freedom while logging into your account.

Needed Materials
1. A valid old or new email address
2. Nigeria Naira or Dollar Master Card
3. Valid Nigeria Identity Card - National ID card or Driver's License or Passport
4. Your Real Nigeria Address, I mean the one on your ID Card.
5. VPN does not need, good to go with Nigeria IP address

It's time to avoid all shortcuts! Big kudos to one of our devoted fans Emmanuel Ekwerekwu. He is the one shed some light on this method and he has been using his own South Africa verified PayPal account close to a year now with Nigeria IP Address without any issues.

Follow these simple steps below to open a South Africa verified PayPal account:

Visit Paypal.com and click on the Sign-Up link and create an account there. Fill in your detail and don't forget to choose South Africa as your Country or region. Fill the rest of the form, under National ID, choose your preferred one and input the ID number. Also, don't forget to use the same names you used on your National ID Card.

I used my National ID Number and it was accepted, see the screenshot below for the proof;

Use the address on your National ID Card, for the phone number and Zip code, search for any South Africa phone number and Zip code through the internet to use for your detail. On completion, a verification link will be emailed to you. Click on the ‘Confirm Email Address’ button on the email sent to you to begin the activation of your PayPal account.

Verified PayPal account provides comfort and token of credibility to your employer who is going to pay you in near future. There are two ways through which you can link and verify your South Africa PayPal account and they are:
  1. By adding your Identity Card.
  2. By adding your Credit/Debit Card to PayPal.
I used my ALAT Debit Card (Master Card collected from Wema Bank) to verify my South Africa PayPal.

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How to Link Your Naira or Dollar Debit Cards to Your South Africa PayPal Account
1. Make sure that you have some funds in your Debit Card, at least N500 or $2.
2. Log in to your PayPal account and then to the account profile (Remember that you don't need any VPN to log in).
3. From the drop-down menu, choose Link a card
4. Type the sixteen digits of your card numbers
5. Enter the expiry date of the card in the next text box
6. Type your CVV (CSC) number. This 3-digit number on the back of your card
7. You should see your billing address there automatically and if not, enter it.
8. Click Save and you are done.
9. Once the Master card added, your PayPal will be verified and you can start using it to receive and make payments online.

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Note: Do not use the debit card or email address that was already associated with another PayPal account. Also, PayPal will charge the card N381.08 to make sure it's yours PayPal, but don't worry your money will refund within 24 hours.

That is all! Now, your account is fully ready for operation.
You can start receiving money from your survey companies, your affiliate companies and others.

You are free to access your South Africa PayPal account with regular Nigeria IP anytime, any day and anywhere. The only restriction there is that, any funds you have received into your South Africa PayPal account can not be sent to other South Africa PayPal users, but you can send to any other countries PayPal users.

I believe you enjoyed reading this post. please share this information with friends and everyone around you using the share buttons.

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  1. Good evening bro. Pls I need a good vpn I can use for my iPhone . Thanks

  2. Thanks oga shelaf. It's as if you are with me this morning as I was battling with this thing not knowing that the solution is at my door step. Thanks for the info and wish give it a trial right away. Am most grateful for this

    1. I'm glad you find it helpful :-) Thanks for the encouraging words too.

  3. This is one of the best article ive read so far on this blog...i followed the steps and i created the paypal succesfully...
    My question is, when it's time to withdraw, how do we go about it because when i tried clicking on withdraw funds, it asked me to add a bank account....

    1. FNB account is what people in South African are using to do that job and since you are not in South Africa, you can't withdraw directly to your bank account. You can only withdraw your money by selling your PayPal fund to those who need online or use it to purchase goods and pay for services online.

  4. Who buys PayPal funds here please

  5. Thanks shelaf this is good I'd check it out ...Paypal southafrica

    1. You are most welcome and thanks for dropping by.

  6. Very nice info Oga shelaf. God will surely bless you for your good work.

    1. God bless you too bros, thank you for your time to drop comment.

  7. This is the first tutorial bomb of 2018 i've read in this blog. I was have a Nigerian Paypal account already but immidiately i saw this post, i started following the steps. But the first thing i did before following the steps here was to login to my Nigerian palpal account. Then i went to settings icon located at the top right represented with a gear icon. Then after the settings page appeared, i clicked on "DELETE MY ACCOUNT". A notification pleading that they regret my decision appeared. Then when i continued, i also saw a warning telling me that when once i delete my account, every transaction will go and the account deletion will take immediate effect and can't be re-opened/recovered. I proceeded.

    Immediately i deleted the account, i proceeded with the steps here and now i have opened a brand new South African Paypal account with that same email that i used for my Nigerian account before. When i opened this new one. they even welcomed me as a new member. lol

    1. I sighted you friend! It's quite an age, how are you doing?
      I think this should be a way out for those who want to use that same email address and the same credit/debit card they used for the Nigeria Paypal account.

      You are most welcome and thank you for the additional relevant info.

    2. I think that this is a critical downside for a great company like Paypal. I didn't even know that as technical as they are, one can actually delete his/her account and immediately use that same email to open another account. This is a loophole they needed to take care of. I didnt even know it will work, i just decided to try out.

      What if i was already having funds in my wallet and i just mistaken deleted my account?? The whole money would have just been trashed immediately! That's why i like facebook pattern of deletion that gives 30days of chance before permanent deleting the account, just incase you change your mind or did a mistake. And if i would give them a suggestion, for security reasons, they have to apply that 30days account deletion method too. And any Email once used can't be used for another account again. Well, but it doesn't concern me since it is working for my benefit. Thanks Funsho

  8. I need someone to enlighten me on something. the person sending funds to you can they know you location. like your zip code etc.

    1. Yes, When you send money for an item your seller will see your name, address and email address. This information is provided to assist with the shipping of your item. You will only see your seller's email address as you do not need their shipping information.

      If a payment is sent as a personal payment or a gift payment then only the email address is provided as the address is not required.

  9. Thanks man...pls can I add Nigeria bank account?

    1. Ofcus yes, but not every ATM cards is accepted. For instance, you can't add Stanbic Bank Debit card

  10. I have a us PayPal account limited with 523$ I Cant transfer but I can receive. An6way out ???

  11. Mr shelaf I hail please oh I say make I ask was it the back of the card you scanned to PayPal because it the front, of the national id federal Republic of Nigeria is broadly written

  12. Nice article
    Now after doing all of that can i receive payment from social sites that pays via PayPal i engaged in? And how will i withdraw the fund if so?

    1. The peer-to-peer payments system via fb messenger is only available in the U.S at this moment.

      While Paypal Funds Through Skype Mobile App.
      You’ll need to be in one of the following countries to use the feature: United States of America, Canada, UK (Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man) Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

      As you can see, South Africa is not listed, that means the features is not available for South Africa PayPal yet, so you can't receive payment from social sites on it for now.

  13. my question mr.shelaf please how will i do with my phone number because is not accept by paypal.com due to the country south africa as my own country.

    1. Don't bother yourself, just use any South Africa phone number, because it has nothing to do with verification.

  14. Thanks so much broda shelaf for this 1daful post. I always get useful info from this blog. God bless you

    1. Good bless you too and thank you for your time to dropped comment. I'm happy you found this article useful!

    2. observation regading that you just choose work in the phone number colum and your nigeria number would be accepted

  15. Good job bro
    I collected my ALAT ATM yesterday n I followed this method step by step but to my greatest surprise, my ATM (Alat) was not accepted, I even tried GT ATM still dsame....
    need ur help asap bro
    ur loyal fan

    1. Hope you have activate your ALAT Card? If not, follow the steps below:

      1. Log in to your ALAT profile
      2. Click on Cards, select Set Card PIN
      3. Answer security question
      4. Enter last four digits of your card number
      5. Create and confirm your card PIN
      6. Authenticate the activation with your ALAT PIN

      Congratulation! Your card has activated successfully. You can check your account balance on any ATM to complete this process.

  16. gtb card not accepted

    1. Maybe the card has already been linked with another PayPal account.

  17. Can I withdraw from my PayPal balance to the debit card I added??

    1. sir do you mean i cant withral from my paypal to my local bank sir ? i honstly dont know too sir

  18. can i use my payoneer account number for verification, because now payoneer now ask for local bank details may be that will make it possible to send money from payoneer to local bank

  19. Good day,

    Could you pls give an answer to these two questions, this will be very useful for shop owners:

    1. Can one use the PayPal account created using the above steps to accept payment from ecommerce site (shopify/woocommerce).

    2. What happens if PayPal asks for another verification maybe using phone number. They usually note when account starts making a lot of income?