The TStv test transmission has been positive and everything has been working fine with clear channels, quality broadcasting, and more. Meanwhile, if you didn't get one of the TStv free decoders, you can still participate in the ongoing TStv one month test transmission.

All you need is either Strong HD Decoder, Alphabox, Tiger HD Receiver, Dsat or Qsat HD Decoder, just get any good installer to track the ABS 3A for you and you will be viewing everything. The frequency is 11052, (V), S/R: 30,000. The signal strength has been increased, but it will still be better to track on a 90cm dish.

If you recall few weeks ago, TStv was accused of content piracy by Bein, but TStv was quick to respond and prompted fans to disregard the rumors. However, something ridiculous happened yesterday, 29 seconds to the commencement of Arsenal vs ZVE match, a message appeared on our screens stating the followings;

And immediately after this, the screen went blank and there was another message that stayed for a while before TSTV wiped it out. The second message read thus:
To view this content, please contact us on: Algeria: 098240…

TStv took to their twitter page to announce that their system was hacked that it will be fixed soon.

I'm beginning to ask questions; is TStv truly infringing BeIN's property? Or is this the work of enemies of progress?

Under any circumstances, we should know that it's not easy to do what TStv packaged for Nigerians. So far, so good with the observed challenges. We should encourage TStv to go on. If what TStv is trying to do was easy, DStv would not have enslaved the whole sub Saharan Africa the way it did.

I still stand by TStv Africa… TSTV ALL THE WAY...

We will be glad to hear your feedback about the TStv free to air channels you’ve tested so far.

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  1. Nice 1... Commenting from

  2. thougt you said the beIN sport channel available on the free to air test transmission was beIN sport 1 and 4???, why does your screenshot have beIN sport 2??

    1. Yeah, it was BeIN Sport 1 and 4 before, but as TStv are still doing upgrading on their channels, yesterday it was changed to BeIN Sport 1 and 2 before the screen went blank.

  3. Work of the enemy , it's not easy to carry such a burden

  4. what the glitch btw Tstv and Bein sport.. Tstv need to do the right thing

  5. well done oga shelaf please how do I root my infinix hot 3

  6. Why is it that I don't receive mails again?

  7. These are all trials. It's not easy. They will surely overcome this.

    Via Entclass Blog

  8. Thanks for the all-time update Shelaf. But I noticed that I've not been receiving email notifications lately. . . Pls let me know why. . .

  9. Pls help confirm if TSTV will work here in Osun state