Yeah! TStv officially launched its services in Nigeria yesterday 1st of October, 2017. It is no longer a dream waiting to happen, it is now a reality and in fact a dream come true. Now, we can say we have what we can call our own. What a wonderful news on Nigeria 57th independence day.

The venue was Sheraton hotels Abuja, Nigeria. In attendance were men and women of timber and caliber which includes The Minister of information Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

Fortunately, the Federal Government granted a 3-year tax relief to the newly inaugurated Pay TV operator in the country, TStv Africa, as well as tax-free TStv dividends to all investors in the company.  The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, announced this yesterday at a dinner to mark the official unveiling of the new company.

Below are the highlights of the occasion of TStv Africa launching at the Sheraton hotel. The event was broadcasted live on AIT.
  • The MC did his job perfectly by keeping the guest alive and introducing the speakers
  • We had in attendance the Minister for information, Former minister for aviation Mr FemiFanii Kayode, some artist and others that I can’t mention
  • They introduced some entertainment channels like “Hits tv”, M Africa, gande movie and so on. But there was nothing like the “bein sports”, and “fox sports”
  • A notable staff from Nigerian broadcasting commission addressed the crowd and made a mistake of mentioning “DSst” instead of TStv. Don’t blame her its one of those things, everyone is used to the SA giant
  • Lastly, the honorable minister officially inaugurated the decoder which is exactly like what is on their website. Any newly established creative/entertainment industry in Nigeria is now eligible to 3 years tax relief. This is a good incentive. I wish they extend this across all sectors
From the points highlighted above, you should notice that the TStstv Africa launched without mentioned dedicated sports channels that can broadcast prominent football action across the major leagues of the world, but don’t let your heart be broken, they offer other innovative features that are first of its kind in Nigeria. You will never regret buying their decoder trust me.

Before Purchase the TStv here are the factors to be considered
  • Equipment cost:  With N5,000, you get everything that will get you started (TStv decoder +Remote+ dish), exclusion of the installation fees. 
  • TStv on Quickteller Payment Platform: TStv has made the subscription/renew painless, you’ll be able to pay your TStv subscription on Quickteller as it has now been added to the Quickteller payment platform. Hopefully, it will be added to other e-payment platform very soon.
  • 20GB Data Bonus: You get the 20GB free only when you first buy the package. Subsequently, you receive 10GB on renewal, only if you subscribed to monthly subscription which is that of N3,000.
  • Data Allocation: It has nothing to do with watching of TVST channels. It’s just a Value Added Services to all TStv subscribers. For instance, if you subscribe for 1 month, You’ll get 10GB Free data from TStv. And you can always buy 1GB of data for N300 once you exhaust your data.
  • TStv Decoder Claimed to have a WiFi Router Capability: This simply means that with your TStv Africa decoder, you can share your internet connection from your decoder with anyone within the wifi signal coverage. This is otherwise known as WiFi tethering or hotspot
  • Pause Subscription: You can only pause your subscription for seven days. Which means you have 7 days of grace plus your 30 day validity period. Meaning you can’t use your full month subscription for 60 days or more. Pause Subscription is Only Available for 1 month subscription plan.
  • TStv Movie Box: This box contains series of new movies available for purchase for a token of N300.
  • Daily Subscription cost as low as N200, 3 days subscription (N500), Weekly subscription (N750) etc.
  • Lastly, Tstv is not yet available in commercial quantity as at the time of publishing this article. 2nd of October, 2017. Please do not make any advance payment to any person or group.
Below is the message from their Official Facebook page:
We wish to inform the general public that the commercial sale of TStv Africa decoders has not commenced and there is no request from TStv Africa to subscribers for payments of any kind whatsoever for decoders. The public is hereby advised to disregard any instructions from any person(s) to make payments. For further information on our products and services, kindly visit and our social media handles. TStv Africa ...connecting your world!
Watch the full interview with the CEO of TStv Africa Mr Echefu Bright

I do not feel disappointed with lack of sports channels on TStv at the launching. TStv offer pay as you view, Wifi routing, huge data, different channels for everyone, pausing of subscription capability and PVR, all in one package with a very affordable price. And the internet speed is peaked at 4G. It means even villagers can enjoy 4G network. I take my hat off for all the people behind this freaking awesome.

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  1. Tstv gonna compete with Gotv and Dstv in Nigeria. Mehnn the 20gb is massive for just 5k wow.

  2. I dont understand!. You mean there will be no football channel at all???????. I am heartbroken right now..

    1. Use the massive 20GB data to stream your live match.

  3. if no football channels
    then am not buying

  4. if there is no sports channel then am not buying,I'd rather wait for testimonies from other people

  5. You people and propaganda.. They can only introduce their own channels. Bein Sports does not belong to them. Talking about Bein sports, MTV or the likes would have been wrong both morally and legally.

  6. i am buying just for the data... 20gb for 5k. pretty cool. i dont mind buying new decoder every thanks for the info bruh

  7. No sport channels or they have not yet been updated. Please, clarify this.

  8. Thanks for this info. Now i understand better.

    Editor @ EC Blog

  9. Great Information Shelaf.
    people can head in to get this tstv after reading this info here.

    Have a great week

  10. 20GB for 5k plus I can use it has a router? I won't mind buying the decoder every month.

  11. There are lots of sport channels ooo, being sport 1-10 HD dey and others

    TSTV Sports Channels
    Star Sports
    Fox Sports
    Euro Sports News
    Euro Sports 2
    Kwese Sports 1
    Kwese Free Sports
    Kwese ESPN
    MS Extreme
    bein Sports MAX 4HD
    bein Sports 3HD
    bein Sports Global
    bein Sports MAX (bein Sports 1-10)
    TS Sports 4 HD
    TS Sports 2
    TS Sports 3
    Yolo Sports HD
    TSTv Music Channels
    Trace Urban/Africa
    MTV Base
    TLC (HD)
    TSTv News Channels
    BBC America
    BBC Radio 2
    TVC News
    United State Of America Embassy
    Sky News
    Core TV News
    France 24 (English)
    CCTV News
    Channels TV
    Bloomberg Television
    Fox News
    TRT World
    Press TV
    Arise News
    TV360 Nigeria
    TSTv Kiddies Channels
    CN Cartoon Network
    Disney Channel
    Baby TV
    TS Junior Kids HD
    Fix Fox
    Panda Biggs
    TSTv Movie Channels
    Star Movies
    MBC Action
    MBC 2
    Star Movies
    African Movie Channel Series (African Magic)
    Liberty TV
    MBC Bollywood
    Wazobia TV
    WAP TV
    Viasat Life
    Fine Living
    FOX Life
    Investigation Discovery
    MBC 4
    MBox HD
    Star Gold HD
    Nollywood TV
    Z Cinema
    E Entertainment
    BEN Bridging The Gap
    TS Novella
    TS Movies HD
    TS Series
    TSTv Science Channels
    Discovery Channel
    Nat Geo Gold
    National Geographic
    Discovery Health TV
    TSTv Fashion Channels
    Fashion One
    TSTv Religion Channels
    Dove Television
    Emmanuel TV
    Sunna TV
    Mountain Of Fire And Miracles Ministries
    EWTN – Global Catholic Network
    TBN Network
    TSTv Africa Channels
    Riwa Ndu TV
    TS Hausa
    TS Igbo
    TS Yoruba
    TS Sports 1 HD

  13. factors are still okay ,TsTv come and chop my money please ,
    checkout 9mobile 60mb cheat back