Considering the success of bitcoin and its price projections in the coming years, it only makes sense to invest in Bitcoin. In the space of one year, bitcoin has gone up 5x in price.

1 bitcoin was only 8 cents in 2009, but now a bitcoin is $4,300. It is projected to hit $25,000 in the next 3 years. How can we be so sure you may ask. No one is certain of what prices we reach, but the only way for bitcoin is up. The reason is because bitcoin was developed with the very properties of gold. There is a limited number and it cannot be counterfeited or mass produced. The more people use bitcoin, the more the value increases. Currently bitcoin is being used by about 1% of world population. So you are still early in a space where there is room for exponential growth. In future, even the wealthiest men will be unable to buy 1 bitcoin.

Based on this premise, it is only imperative to learn the in and out of this revolution. Money as we know it is changing.

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