In February 2017, MTN Nigeria has collaborated with world renowned solar architect, Lumos, officially introduced the Y'ello Box solar power pack, where uninterrupted power services are offered to individuals based on hire purchase.

It’s a portable Solar Electricity device powered by MTN that can be recharged and use for providing power to households. With this innovative product, Nigerians can enjoy efficient, noise-free and smoke-fume-free electricity for everyday use and conveniently pay with airtime from an MTN mobile phone.

You might have heard about it before, but not pay attention to it, you need to read this article. Also, a lot of people are in this country didn’t know something like this is existing. So let discuss.

In those parts of Nigeria where you need to do extra prayer and fasting for the Power Holding Company to at least release electricity for 1 hour needs this more.

MTN Lumos mobile electricity is affordable and comes with a 5-year warranty, can light up rooms, charge cellphones and power appliances like Fans, TVs, and Computers, all at once, every day.
So, it is time to say goodbye to epileptic power supply, frustrating estimated electricity bills, high cost of petrol/diesel and noisy generators. The Mobile Electricity device is an alternative power supply device that only needs solar energy and an active MTN line to supply power for your appliances at home or your small business. It doesn’t need the regular electricity or fuel to function. It works purely on solar power. Thank God we in Nigeria are blessed with Sunlight regardless whether it rains or not.

You can power both DC (solar) compatible appliances and AC compatible appliances with your Lumos Mobile Electricity system, good for small business, like barbing saloon.  The Mobile Electricity device can power up to 3 hair clipper, light up bulbs + other 12V DC appliances.

After 5 years of use and 1800 paid days, the system becomes yours to own and you get Free Electricity!

What’s in the Mobile Electricity Kit?
  • Large 80W solar panel unit and cables
  • Solar indoor unit
  • USB mobile phone charger
  • 2 powerful led bulbs
  • DC to AC converter
The electricity kit can be purchased at MTN stores nationwide.

Walk into any of the MTN outlets across the country, with your valid means of National identification, MTN SIM card registered in your name, the Names/details of 2 willing guarantors. Then pay a One-time payment of the sum of 19,000 NGN (for Mobile Electricity kit) + 2,000 NGN (installation fee) + 4,500 NGN (for activation of 30 days live time). Making a total sum of 25,500 NGN

Note: The 19,000 NGN for Mobile Electricity kit is a promo price, the actual price is 26,000 NGN. Offer is valid while stocks last, promo ends on the November 30th, 2017.

After joining and making your payments, you will be assigned a  professional and authorized technician who will follow you to your place of residence and install the mobile electricity device for you.

Note: MTN Mobile Electricity is Pay as you Go. The system is locked until you pay to access the electricity stored in the built-in battery. The indoor unit is connected to the MTN network and gives you access to the stored energy only if you have paid.

You should always credit your Lumos system for 30 days a month. Please note: this service is similar to a “hire-purchase” deal. Part of the terms and conditions require a minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not (Just cool down, very soon I will give you a way to reduce the monthly cost).

The payments include a one-time Set-up fee when you join the service at the MTN store, and additional monthly subscription fee – paid via your mobile phone.

Bonus Part:
MTN Mobile Electricity has the referral program, but you can only use the MTN number registered to your Lumos service to refer people. Once the person you referred joins the MTN Mobile Electricity Service, MTN will automatically credit your account with free electricity. You will receive 14 Electricity days while your friend receives 7 Electricity days.

If you just have an interest in buying the MTN Mobile electricity, we can be your referral and once we referred you before you join the program, free 7 days electricity will be automatically given to you, added to the 1 month of 4,500 NGN you paid for, which make a total of 37 days electricity for you to start using the system.

For us to refer you, simply SMS your MTN Number you want to use to activate MTN Lumos electricity to 07064706571
Send your message in the following format;
I want to get MTN Lumos Electricity. Please refer my MTN number: 234803xxxxxxx (state your number). 
Then forward your message to 07064706571 and will act on your message for you and us to get the free electricity days.

How You Too Can Refer Someone:
Once your MTN number activated for MTN Lumos electricity, it means you have qualified to refer people. Simply SMS your friend’s number to this MTN Official number: 08133134773. Once your friend completes the deal by joining the Mobile Electricity Service, MTN will automatically credit your account with free electricity. You will receive 14 Electricity days while your friend receives 7 Electricity days free.

Important Note:
1.    You can only SMS using the MTN number registered to your Lumos service.
2.    MTN must receive your SMS and confirm it, before your friend joins the service.
3.    Refer only one person per SMS. No Limit to the number of referrals per day.
4.    Your friends’ MTN phone number must be 13 digits long and start with 234. For instance, if your friend’s number is 08065852042, SMS 2348065852042 to 08133134773.

There are different subscription plans you can choose from to credit your system. Choose a suitable subscription plan from the plan options and make convenient payments from your MTN Mobile phone.

Plan Price Activation Code
5 Days 1000 Naira (200 NGN per Day) SMS 5 to 317
10 Days 1800 Naira (180 NGN per Day) SMS 10 to 317
30 Days 4500 Naira (150 NGN per Day) Text 30 to 317
90 Days 12,600 NGN (140 NGN per Day) SMS 90 to 317
180 Days ₦23,400 (130 NGN per Day) Text 180 to 317
365 Days ₦46,720 (128 NGN per Day) SMS 365 to 317

As I said earlier, after 1800 paid days, the system unlocks permanently allowing you to enjoy energy without having to pay. This is because the system is given to you on lease and after 1800 paid days you would have fully paid for the system. The MTN Mobile Electricity comes with 5-year warranty, during which Lumos/MTN will take care of maintenance of the system.

The MTN Mobile Electricity indoor unit offers eight DC output ports with varying amount of current, suitable for charging mobile phones or tablets and powering other DC power appliances like LED lights and radios.

MTN Mobile Electricity kit also comes with a DC to AC converter, which converts DC output to AC, enabling you power AC appliances like your electric fan, laptops, clippers, Video/DVD player, Satellite Decoders, TV and many more DC and 220V appliances. However, the converter can only supply 60W max, so the TV has to be small.

With Y'ello Box solar power, you will enjoy steady and uninterrupted 24/7 electricity power supply.
Stay glued for the updates on how to reduce the monthly cost of MTN Mobile Electricity.

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  1. nice one shelaf
    MTN should try aand bring one with larger capacity so it can power larger tvs, even if it would cost twice the price of this one

  2. So you want me to pay #385,000 for something that cannot power my heavy appliances??

    I'll rather install a solar panel in my whole house with just #250,000 maximum than pay for this crap MTN is giving us.

    We all know how MTN operates.

    This thing doesn't worth the price guys

  3. Insane 5 years for payment before you can own it, that's complete madness cause that's means you have to pay 4500 every month cause you have to maintain 20days subscription every month either u use it or not, if you fail to maintain that 20 days subscription every months that's means the device can never be yours to keep beside this dumb thing can't power up 32inch TV. So what's the need.

  4. Total nonsense when 250k can give me a good solar energy i can use for very long time

  5. Kalu, Andrzej and Anonymous, thanks guys, I really respect you people opinions.

    The total amount to be spent on MTN Lumos electricity for 5 years will be 291,000 NGN. 19,000 Naira for the electricity kit, N2000 for the installation and monthly fee is N4,500
    5 year subscription fee is 270,000 NGN + 19,000 Naira for the electricity kit + N2000 for the installation, making a total of 291k.

    Yeah, it is true that you can get a good solar energy for 250k or even lesser than that, but I want you to know that, not everybody can pay the whole 250k at once, even if you have that 250k, you should also think about the maintenance fee for 5 years.

    Who will give you 5years warranty on that? The vendor out there can't give you more than 6 months or 1 year warranty and their warrant is not reliable, even if they are sincere with their warrant, remember after 1 year, you are on your own and if care is not taken, the maintenance fees can make you abandon the system.

    Remember that MTN will take care of the maintenance of the system for 5 years, it means the maintenance fee has already added to the estimated money.
    I think, the Lumos electricity is good for the less privileged while the one you guys are talking about good for those who have sufficient money.

  6. The vast majority of our energy assets are at any rate circuitous types of solar energy.merchantville nj electrical contractor

  7. Dear Shelaf, How many Nigerians So called the less privileged can afford to pay N4,500 monthly on electricity that cannot be used to power their electric kettles or Heater so as to reduce the amount spend on Kerosene, Gas or Fire wood, how many will be ready to pay such amount for electricity that cannot be used to iron their cloths. Shelaf the truth is that not everyone has LED or LCD Television set, some of us have "Ancient of Days" television. They should think of either increasing the capacity and reducing the purchasing price and the subscription price. Because MTN maintenance can take a whole month to complete if the solar panel has issues

    1. Hey Chris, good points. Though, I disagree with your last point, because they are given quick response to any issue concerned Lumos Electricity, they understand that if they fail to respond, they are the one who will lose the subscription fee.

      You are most welcome and thanks for your wonderful contribution.

  8. Heard about the stuff earlier! I guess it'd be a good stuff for freelancers online in Nigeria!

    How you doing?

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  11. i agree with chris on that because that's the argument and problem some if us are having. some of us have the box t.v. so they should consider us too.

  12. They are really trying, but not to any substantial extent yet. Supposing I run a 'small' cafe, can this MTN Lumos electricity power two laptops and a printer?

    1. Oh no! It can only power one laptop and a printer of about 30watts, like Inkjet Printer.

  13. i just hope this is available where i base in Nigeria,

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