There has been a lot of controversy about the new released Airtel Unlimited Data Plans. The plan was silently launched and even without any single word or comment from Airtel.

We were all concerned why the three unlimited data plans have different price, but all valid for a month. People asked why the expiring date for the N10,000 plan is same for the N15,000 and N20,000 plans (30 days).

Thank God, Airtel has released the official statement to shed light on their new Unlimited Data Plans. Below is the brief about their statement:
The new Airtel Home Broadband delivers superfast broadband service via data terminals such as dongle, MiFi and routers as it comes in various packages and affordable price range to suit the lifestyles of different customer segments.

Customers can get unlimited data on packages such as Unlimited 10, Unlimited 15 and Unlimited 20, which are offered at N10,000, N15,000 and N20,000 respectively and valid for 30 days.

To subscribe to the service on smartphones, customers are advised to dial *462*10# for unlimited 10, *462*15# for unlimited 15 and *462*20# for unlimited 20.

Customers who wish to use the service for home broadband and on data terminals are required to get the MIFI / Router / Dongle at the nearest Airtel showroom or a designated Airtel agent.

Upon activating any of the unlimited plans, customers enjoy superfast data experience until a threshold is reached. After this, the data speed is throttled to a lower speed in line with the Fair Usage Policy. According to this policy, the threshold for Unlimited 10 is 40GB; unlimited 15 come with 65GB while unlimited 20 is 100GB, after which the speed comes to 256kpbs. However, customers can continue to enjoy unlimited browsing until plan expires.  
Commenting on the new value offering, Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Ahmad Mohkles, said Airtel is changing the paradigm, breaking new frontiers and inspiring new behaviour as far as data sharing as well as delivering ubiquitous data experience is concerned.

“Airtel is committed to pioneering innovation, superior data experience and affordability. Our new Unlimited is truly unlimited as we have stretched the thresholds to deliver up to 100GB to telecoms consumers so that they can empower more people within their circle of influence.

“With this new offering, we have initiated and inspired a paradigm shift that will promote community, deepen friendship bond and eventually lead to a more productive and prosperous society. We are proud of our new unlimited data package and the positive change it will create in the Home Broadband segment,” he said.

To get the MIFI / Router / Dongle, customers can visit the nearest Airtel showroom or a designated Airtel agent. To renew data plans, customers can simply log into and purchase the unlimited plan of their choice. Customers can also subscribe for or renew their unlimited plan via USSD code *462*10# for unlimited 10, *462*15# for unlimited 15 and *462*20# for unlimited 20. 
Understand that the Airtel unlimited data packages are truly unlimited, but once you have reached the threshold, there will be speed throttling, the speed will come down to 256kpbs till the given time (expiry date).

What's your take on this?

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  1. Too expensive. Airtel has decent speed but they still don't have 4g network in nigeria. Id rather go for spectranet or smile

  2. it's a good improvement but it's cost is too high

  3. Perfect but the thing be say one have to get mifi before it work, why e nor work for direct phone

  4. Please add me to your WhatsApp group 07037951321

  5. Perfect for hustler's!

  6. Thanks, I am now cleared about these Airtel plans

  7. @kalus works on smartfone is written there above...u can use mife as a choice

  8. How someone pay 20000 for data?