MTN 100% data bonus is one of the best offer that we really enjoyed, though few like me are still using MTN 100% data bonus, but the new one is not something easy to activate now.

Many of us enjoyed MTN 100% data bonus for complete 6 months and we still dissatisfied when the offer was discontinued by MTN. We really appreciate the offer and we wish the offer to continue forever or at least, a little longer.

Airtel on the other hand, seems to have come to our rescue, as they just introduced 150% data bonus!
The 150% data bonus applied to Airtel Android data plans. The Airtel 150% data offer gives you 500MB for N200, 1.8GB for N500, 3.75GB for N1000. You get free extra 1035MB when you activate Android bundle of 750MB for N500, extra 2.25GB when you activate Android bundle of 1.5GBGB for N1000 etc, but the only problem we have with Airtel is their SIM eligibility issues on their numerous surprises. 

It's unfortunate that not all Airtel SIMs will be able to benefit from this Airtel double data offer. It's meant for those who got an SMS from Airtel as displayed in the screenshot below:

The offer is like MTN 100% data bonus, the eligible subscribers will enjoy it for the rest of 6 months. What this means; is that when you subscribe to Airtel N500 you will get whooping 1.8GB to surf the web for the next 2 weeks and you will be able to get the same amount in your subsequent subscription till 6 months coming.

Do not panic if you did not receive the SMS of 150% offer, because 100% offer is still waiting for you too, kindly dial *144# on your Airtel sim to know if you are qualify for Airtel 100% offer. If you are eligible, you should see a message just like the screenshot below:

To Subscribe For 150% Data Bonus
If you are eligible, load your Airtel sim with N500 and dial *418*2# to activate 1.8GB
Data valid for 2 weeks.
Check your data balance with *140#
Unfortunately, the *418*2# of 1.8GB is the only code I have for now about activating 150% bonus. I will update you guys as soon as I got the code to activate 500MB for N200 and 3.75GB for N1000 or anybody with the genuine codes should please update us via the comment box. 
Airtel 100% Data Bonus for 6 Months
The Airtel Double data offer gives you 400MB for N200, 1.5GB for N500, 3GB for N1000, 7GB for N2000. You get free extra 200MB when you activate 200MB for N200, extra 750GB when you activate 750GB for N500, extra 1.5GB when you activate 1.5GB for N1000, extra 3.5GB when you activate 3.5GB for N2000.

The offer valid for 6months, meaning you can enjoy the package everyday for 6 months.

To Subscribe for any of the above plans, simply dial *144#
It is like an android bundle, so the deduction of the megabytes is normal.

The 100% data bonus is working fine on most of the latter Airtel sim, most especial, the one used for the old Airtel weekly plan of 1GB for N100. Also, it works better on the Airtel TalkMore Tariff Plan.

Good luck to you all.

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  1. Airtel is already taking over, the introdction of the 150% bonus is cool even in this period when other networks decided to reduce the volume of their data plans. Anyways, I pray they don't zap, because that's the main issue i noticed with Airtel, except for the BB 3GB Plan.

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    1. You have a point. You are most welcome and thanks for your conntribution, but note that the plan is excepted from data zapping issue.

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  3. I hope I'm eligible for this offer