Its another season of free Hovatek T-shirts. Hovatek gives away branded items from time to time and its yet another opportunity to get your Hovatek T-shirt & 2-in-1 Pen (Pen + Stylus for touch screen devices). The great part is that items will be shipped to qualifying members for free.

How to get a free Hovatek T-shirt & Pen
Winners are mostly selected from active members or followers at their Forum, Blog, Journal or Social Media pages. This time around, some T-shirts will go to those who listen to and participate on H-Tech Radio. H-Tech Radio is a project Team Hovatek is currently working on and you are welcome to contribute your ideas and suggestions by sending them to

How do I know my T-shirt size?
Simply grab a tape rule and follow this guide on how to know my Hovatek T-shirt size. Its pretty straightforward.

Can I place an order (to pay) for a Hovatek T-shirt?
Unfortunately, No. Hovatek T-shirts aren't yet available for order, only free giveaways at the Team's discretion

Good Luck!

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  1. Such a nice T-shirt. I will like to order for some if they are selling it online. Well i will try to contest for one of the free T-shirts.