Have you ever had a wonderful idea, but no one seems to believe in it as much as to commit their funds to financing your idea? Not until the advent of crowd-funding, so many ideas/projects have only lived in the minds of the conceiver.

Let us introduce you to https://peerfunding.org
It is often said that: “if anything fake exists, it is because there’s a real”

PeerFunding.org was built based on crowd funding principle. Crowd funding is actually legal in most countries albeit subject to regulation. So, on peerfunding, members create projects which are displayed and funded by willing members. It is a transparent person to person donation platform.

What do you benefit by donation to other members projects?
30% in 2-10 days. You are able to create your own projects up to 130% on your initial donation.
Currently, there is a registration bonus of $10 for new members.
Referral bonus is a one-time payment of $15.

You can’t go wrong with peerfunding. It is based and built on international best practices for crowd-funding platforms. You can begin with as little as $40, and build on from there depending on how much confidence you develop about the platform.

What are the strong points for Peerfunding.org?
1. There are no guiders. Guiders deplete crowdfunding platforms of huge cash. They get paid a lot of money which adversely affect the balance of any system. Better support is gotten from the vibrant community of peerfunders who teach and assist one another.

2. One time referral bonus. So you are paid a one-time fee of $15 for each referral. This is fair enough, unlike systems where you have a chain of referrals and several people in the chain benefiting from a single persons sign up. This is good for sustainability.

3. Fine balance between market forces and Regulation. People are allowed to pick who they want to donate to however the developers regulate the flow by releasing a sequential list of people who are due for payment every hour from 7am to 12am, Monday to Saturday.

4. No story of people not knowing when they are matched. You select who to pay to, when you are ready. And you can get in touch with whoever you are dealing with.

5. People are eager to pay because your investment doesn't count until you have made payment.

6. It is a global platform allowing dealings using Bitcoin the world leading cryptocurrency. However, if you prefer your local currency, you can also enjoy Peerfunding.

7. Intelligent algorithm to prevent backlogging.

It is suitable for those not willing to take high risk as ROD of 30% is very sustainable and maximum project size is $500. Make your steady income in a transparent platform without the constant fear of losing your money.

Referral link: https://peerfunding.org

Join Peerfunding Group
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEK4blvpHPBcFgTdlQ

Note: Peerfunding is one of the Peer to Peer Ponzi schemes that are currently paying. I can’t lay it on the line when it will pack up or crash but you do it at your own risk. Those of you into Peerfunding, tell us your experiences so far.

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  1. have u got paid there mr funsho

  2. peerfunding is Bae... it is paying really well...

  3. Add me 07061237412 whatsapp...

  4. can i cash out my referal bonus

  5. Sincerely the admins are not being logical. I created a project a week today and am yet to be financed. This is despite the fact that I still find people's project.
    But the funny thing is that people that created a project after that Thursday have had their projects funded. Kindly reach out to them and ask them to fix it. Thanks