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What is it all about?
This website is built based on crowd funding principle. Crowdfunding is actually legal in most countries albeit subject to regulation.

Peerfunding members create projects which are displayed and funded by willing members. It is a transparent person to person donation platform.

What is the return on the donation?
30% in 2-10 days. You are able to create your own projects up to 130% on your initial donation.

Currently, there is a registration bonus of $10 for new members.

Referral bonus is a one-time payment of $15.

You can't go wrong with peerfunding. You can begin with as little as $40, and build on from there depending on how much confidence you develop about the platform.

What are the strong points for
1. There are no guiders. Guiders deplete an MLM system of huge cash. They get paid a lot of money which adversely affect the balance of any system. Better support is gotten from the vibrant community of peerfunders who teach and assist one another.
2. One time referral bonus. So you are paid a one-time fee of $15 for each referral. This is fair enough, unlike systems where you have a chain of referrals and several people in the chain benefiting from a single persons sign up. This is good for sustainability.
3. Fine balance between market forces and Regulation. People are allowed to pick who they want to donate to however the developers regulate the flow by releasing a sequential list of people who are due for payment every hour from 7AM to 12AM, Monday to Saturday.
4. No story of people not knowing when they are matched. You select who to pay to when you are ready. And you can get in touch with whoever you are dealing with.
5. People are eager to pay because your investment doesn't count until you have made payment. Unlike in MMM where your mavros start to grow even without payment. So they is low rate of reserve without pay and even those are resolved promptly by the technical team.
6. It is a global platform allowing dealings using Bitcoin the world leading cryptocurrency. However, if you prefer your local currency, you can also enjoy Peerfunding.
7. Intelligent algorithm to prevent backlogging.

It is suitable for those not willing to take high risk as ROD of 30% is very sustainable. Make your steady income without the constant fear of losing your money.

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Lots of Ponzi schemes has flooded Nigeria now, despite the unfortunate outcome of the MMM experience, despite being unreliable and prone to crash when participants least expected, thousands of people still take the risk.

I'm sure that many people now understand the risk attached to it and they willing to take the risk, because life is a risk, not taking risk is riskiest on its own.

Peerfunding is one of the Peer to Peer Ponzi schemes that are currently paying. I can’t lay it on the line when it will pack up or crash but you do it at your own risk.

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  1. Sheu funsho, whats wrong ? Have been sending countless emails and you didnt reply haba...... please what can I do the person who ought to pay me on Japanmmm didnt and his 24hours has long elapse , infact my dashboard is showing -220 hours already please what can I do,

    1. My money was hanged there just like yours and remember that I'm not part of their admins, I'm also an investor there just like you, so be patient and understanding.

  2. Sir, all ponzi are the same. They will surely run with people's money.

    I have listed all Ponzi schemes in Nigeria HERE and the Fake ones HERE

    Be careful guys

  3. hmm people are now afraid of all these schemes coz of their bad experience with MMM That is why nobody cares to drop any comment or question on this post. Could you please create a page for us that will monitor new and old HYIP sites that pay real money?

    1. Point noted, you are welcome and thanks for the comment.

  4. 9cee ...check out

  5. yes all ponzi site are almost the same, they will first come with good intentions but later on they will disappoint people I have also wrote a post on this ponzi schemes List Of 31 Fake Ponzi Schemes in Nigeria and also Top 150 Ponzi schemes Sites in Nigeria

    soguys be careful while talking the risk as Victor Kachi earlier warns even Funsho Kolawole says:
    I'm sure that many people now understand the risk attached to it and they willing to take the risk, because life is a risk, not taking risk is riskiest on its own