24 hours back, I made a post on how to surf unlimited for free with Airtel sim. From the posted comments, I can see that some fans are not yet enjoying the tweak, due to the fact that the tweak is taking time to connect and some are complaining about often disconnection which is mostly caused by rusty 3G network in select areas.

Remember that I told you not to put any airtime on your Airtel sim, you must not be on any active data plan, also, clear your Psiphon or any other VPN data and cache.

Have airtime in your airtel SIM or active data plan is another major cause of often disconnection. At times, stuffed-up IP address  (when lots of people are using one IP at the same time) can also be the cause of the issue.

Note: The Airtel unlimited free browsing tweak is still blazing very well as at the time of publishing this post. Make sure you set your network mode to 3G or 4G LTE and if it still disconnects, kindly try another VPN with it.

For those that are still complaining, change your Host Address and Port to any of the IP's with its Port below, to connect and surf with N0.0 via any of the specified VPN and Airtel sim.

Airtel N0.00kb Browsing Tweak fast and Stable IP 

Magic (IP)PORT

Other setting still the same.
If you are new to this Airtel N0.00kb Browsing Tweak, kindly check out this: #link

Stay Glued for more updates about fastest working and active Proxies.

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  1. Where do we insert the IP

  2. they are all slow

  3. the old setting keeps disconnecting

  4. Not still working
    Showing connecting

  5. I have tried several ips but none has work for me....

  6. tried every single one of them and none worked for me

  7. Still not working!
    Make I kuku still dey rock my Glo UC jeje.

  8. Blazing well
    Kudos to shelF
    Am always grateful

  9. Still not working!
    Make I kuku still dey rock my Glo UC jeje.

  10. This Airtel Airtel is not by changing IP address, is by changing the SETTINGS AND PORT then connect and you can also use it on PC

  11. Enter your comment..all the ip's are not working. the old one keep disconnecting

  12. Glo unlimited rocks! Can't stress myself over crappy Airtel.

  13. how to browse and download well with Airtel unlimited

    Set APN to internet.ng.airtel.com
    Proxy: not set
    Port: not set
    Username: internet
    Password: internet
    APN type: default

    I use Psiphon A+ pro

    MARK remove port
    »Proxy Type: No Proxy
    »Proxy Server: Airtellive.ng
    »Real Proxy Server Type: Default
    »Real Proxy Server: http://wap.ng.airtellive.com/ng/mobi/defaultx.aspx
    »Real Proxy Port: 8080
    »Select save and click on“tunnel whole device”.
    »Click on the selected servers
    »Region: select Singapore(highly recommend)
    Go to MORE OPTION:-
    Mark “Connect through an HTTP Proxy” then select “Use the following settings:” then configure as.
    »Host address:
    Save it and it will connect automatically.

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  15. Its working...thats what am using to comment

  16. Blazer Wap, abeg how do u use it on pc

  17. its working. I am also using it on my pc

  18. no going o....

    those that say is working which ip???

  19. It work wella after spending time on my 1st Sim, I changed sim and flexing using tweakware 4.7. The speed is amazing... I was really waiting 4 dis Airtel. Thanks man!

  20. my airtel is slow and the IP is very fast in connecting

  21. seems not to be connecting with internet download manager

    is there any way to get through it?

  22. Airtel zero cheat has been blocked.

  23. Airtel over smart guys not even up to a week all lope holes has been sealed

  24. Pls Mr. Shelaf, my glo stopped uc mini handler stopped downloading, what do I do?

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