After months of anxious waiting, WhatsApp users will finally get the most desired feature in the messaging app - video calling. A few days back, WhatsApp officially launched video calling, and the features is being rolled out, now it available on all platforms.

Updated WhatsApp with support for video calling for Android, iOS and windows phone has officially been released, so you simply need to update the feature to make your first video call. If your Windows phone, iOS or Android device is not set to receive automatic updates, or if you are not sure if WhatsApp has been updated, simply go to the App Store or Google Play and check for available updates.

I’ve tried the video call feature and its a wow feature. If you are still using the old version of whatsapp, you are missing a lot, kindly upgrade to the last version 2.16.352 from Play Store now.

If you are yet to upgrade yours, download Whatsapp version 2.16.352 from Google Play Store - Download Now

Note that for WhatsApp video calling to work, both parties should be running a WhatsApp build that supports the feature. WhatsApp may also prompt you for feedback once the video call is over.
Important Information: Stay away for the WhatsApp Video Scam link Being Circulated on social media. Update your Whatsapp to the latest version from Google Play Store with the link proveded above or open your Google Play Store and search for Whatsapp to update your old one to get the Whatsapp video call feature.

It is good to see WhatsApp joining the fun of video calling. Once you have tested it, tell us your experience.

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  1. This whatsapp video calling features is dope ๐Ÿ˜Ž.. I used it to call my distance cousin... Wow it was amazing ☺ ๐Ÿ‘..

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  2. Pls how do you cancel PAYU in glo?

  3. Nice one, Mark is really doing great works here


  4. Wow wonderful feature from whatsApp .....let me blaze with my free etisalat N1000 as recession is passing by.

  5. Pls help I can't make whatsapp call what can be the problem

  6. Not bad, commenting from

  7. Yea so many people waited for it globally and it's official now. You can comfortably do video calls with Glo Unlimited Free Browsing

  8. Nice post Sir
    Bro we need a topic on how to edit WhatsApp like the way you did your and steps
    Thanks Sir

  9. cheer cheer cheer cheer .. I'll drink to this!!! :>)

  10. I can't send or receive whatsapp messages on my mtn sim and I have enough data. What could be d issue?


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