I don't really know what is wrong with this Etisalat NG. At this particular time, when competitions growing stronger, other providers like Glo is tirelessly increasing their data quantity at lowest prices. Etisalat doesn't learn anything from her opponents, just busy doing unrelated.

With deep regret in our heart to alert you that Etisalat NG has just increased the prices of their new monthly data plans;

Before now, Etisalat;
1.5GB cost N1000,
3.5GB cost N2,000,
5GB cost N6,500,
8GB cost N8000 and
10GB cost N10,000

The newly increased prices of Etisalat monthly data plans;
1GB, is now N1000
1.5GB, is now N1200
1GB + 500MB night plan, is now N1000
2.5GB, is now N2000
3.5GB, is now N2500
2GB + 1.5GB night, is now N2000
Is it a system error? Could it be as a result of launching her 4G LTE service in the country or due to the current economic meltdown and recession?

What do you have to say about this Etisalat unsatisfactory data plans?

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  1. lol... SMH... for eti user's

  2. There is nothing to say than continue using my glo line, I don't give a shit bout them.

  3. what did you expect when you were been given 4G noting goes for nothing

  4. Etisalats speed is the best but whats all this nah?

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  5. If etisalat can do dis dat means dey are not serious i saw it on my phone i was laughing at dem mayb i will go and buy glo bcus dis hard economy no body will spend for such..... etisalat u beter wake up b4 is to late if u lose customers like me u lose 1bilion naira

  6. to hell with etisalat for the increase in their subscription rate. Migrating mode

  7. Glo has stopped N500 weekend/night plan too

  8. Maybe they feel like loosing customers

  9. Hmmm - i think it is the change buhari promise us

    From samexycool.com

  10. Dama I never use their data plan. Na bb plan I dey use. If they increase that one too, I have all the network Sims more than one. So na migration. This is stupid, when glo dey increase dem dey decrease. Dem go see massive decrease because mtn, airtel, them dey do 1k 1.5gb, so na them I go go for if I have to. Mtsw, useless networks, imagine. I can't even see the 4gb when I search them. If glo fix their network, na immediate migration. E go bi like say I dey the network since ma self. Go eat your data etisalat.

  11. Has Etisalat launched 4G light?

  12. that's their own cup of milo. i don't care so far glo is still there for me to use. shelaf, cld u pls send me blog creation link and modem unlock link. thanks in anticipation

  13. I think, it becos they lunched 4G that is why increase their sub....who be their marketing manager sef... does he knows the trend in naija economy... na OYO them dey