I'm delighted to inform you that Etisalat 4G LTE is now live and out of ghost mode as it was before. When you scan the available network now, Etisalat 4G will show up on your 4G enabled smartphone and you can start using it right away without any form of SIM swap or whatever unlike MTN and Glo 4G that requires you to upgrade your SIM to a 4G enabled SIM in other to use the network.

You guys can testify to Etisalat fast internet speed even on 3G mode and they promise to bring more speed with their 4G. Below is Etisalat 4G LTE speed test results.

Etisalat NG 4G network is now up and running fine, but their 4G LTE coverage still limited to some parts of Lagos, Abuja, and other cities.

We will be updating you with the coverage progress as time goes on. Please, stay glued.

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  1. You are the best Diran from Facebook

  2. Nice one etisalat,you people are dope

  3. OMG 4G reigning now nA airtel we dey chill for now

    Commenting from Ydmgist.com

  4. woow , really great , commenting from nueltech.com

  5. abegi.
    when other countries dey on 5G
    dem never start una don dey happi.


  6. Thanks wonderful update

    Commenting from Faltweb

  7. The 4G LTE Network is just too good, enjoying my own flawless here


  8. Hello Techies
    I need to change my phone to a 4G phone,
    but all this band and frequency brouhaha dey burst my head.

    From my little research, i found out that:-

    1. Ntel 4G supports LTE band 3(1800) and band 8(900)
    2. MTN 4G supports Band 20(800) i.e. Band 20 Frequency 800
    3. Glo 4G supports Band 28 (700)
    4. Etisalat 4G supports LTE band 3 (1800)

    Therefore to use the above networks on 4G
    all i need is to buy a phone that has LTE band 3(1800)
    band 8(900), Band 20 (800), Band 28 (700).

    The techies in the house abeg correct me if i am wrong?

    Suggetions of phones within the range of #40k-#50k
    that meet the above criteria is welcomed.

    Thanks in advance

  9. Don't forget MTN supports 2 bands, 7 and 20