I don't just posting this type of information anyhow, because anything involved online payment  gateway, proper care need to be taken. There are many reliable online channels that we have been using for long to purchase airtime and the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know, but it seems this app really make sense. It is similar to that of sliide, myads etc, but it beats them when it comes to referral reward. I’ve gone through the app and it is absolutely saved and secured to use. 

Zoto mobile recharge is a secure and Fastest way to recharge anywhere in Nigeria with lots of benefits. Zoto gives you 50% cash back when your recharge with the app. 

Zoto mobile recharge is 100% secure with PCI-DSS certified and one of the few very secure recharge applications. All your transactions are 128 bit SSL secured with trust seal from industry leaders such as VeriSign.

Benefits of Using Zoto Mobile Recharge
» You can earn up to N50,000
» You can get discounts and 50% cash back when you recharge with the app
» You can earn N1000 on your first recharge
» Invite a friend and earn N1000 on your friend first recharge
» Invite up to 50 friends!
» You can view your earn cash and use them to recharge or buy data
» Prepaid Mobile recharge for all major operators in Nigeria including Airtel, Etisalat, MTN, and Glo
» Fastest Recharge: Complete your online recharge transaction within seconds.

For now, it is available for iOS and Android users, but BB10 users can also install it. 
» Download Zoto app here. When registering, use my referral code FUNS6028

» Open the Zoto app you installed., you will be required to enter your mobile phone number
» After that, click on proceed
» Zoto will automatically call your line for verification. Remember, you don't need to pick the call. » » It's just to verify if the number is active.
» Alternatively, Zoto can send a verification code via SMS if they couldn't verify your line via phone call.
» After that, you will be required to enter your Name and email (you will receive notification on your phone number and email whenever a transaction is made on your zoto account. » That’s all. You now have an account. You can see more details and your referral code plus links when you swipe or tap on the top left the corner of the app.

To Buy Airtime Or Recharge Using Zoto App
Just enter the amount you want to recharge in the provided space, proceed and enter your Verve or Master card number, follow the rest process and you are good to go.
No matter how small it is, even allow N100. And after you have recharged your line you will be given N1000 and 50 people is N50000 and it's totally legit, but if you don't use the referral code you will not get your initial N1000.
Note: This offer is not forever. According to the management the offer is only valid till 12th of July. You should hurry up and earn you money now!

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  1. wow
    made 3k already
    use my code when signing up OLUD9217

  2. Use ZOTO1580 as ur referral code nd get 1k instant credit... very real!!

  3. Use Bank2274 and make 1500 instead of 1000. I will share you out of my own 1000

  4. Use my code when signing up. And make 1600 naira instead of 1500 naira. This is real. I will share you out of my own. My code is BABA6827

  5. everyone wants their code to be used. use my i go transfer u 400 box my coupon MURP4433 . offer end tonight by11:59

  6. I can't find the page where you input the referral code please help! pleaseeee

  7. Even Shelaf said this "but if you don't use the referral code you will not get your initial N1000." which is a lie.

    1. Can you proof your statement, did you got that N1000 bonus without using referral code?

    2. Zoto eyaf finish..... Add me to whatsapp group plz.....,07058086932

  8. pls someone shld share me airtime 08038076578,08173586911

  9. Pls add me to the Whatsapp group 08162715349

  10. Replies
    1. Yeah, but you can't get the free 1000 naira again. But you get 50% cash back on all recharge.

  11. Pls add me to d whatsapp group.......07067989226

  12. Thank you shelaf,
    Actually you get up to 50% cashback if use our ZOTO50 coupon code currently on while you're making a recharge.
    Thank you for the post!
    Keep using Zoto

    1. I wasn't regret for introducing Zoto mobile recharge to my audience, your services is tested and trusted, truly you made it with love, just keep up the good work.
      You are most welcome and thanks for the endorsement.

  13. As for the 1,000 airtime I didn't get that but for the 50% cash back up to 100 that one is a sure thing, they (Xoto Team) came up with a promo and said refer someone to download the app when they do, afer their first recharge you will get 1000, I did that and was never given any thing as promised despite several complaints.

    i will like to be on the whatsapp group please add me 07030362383

  15. Enter your comment...pls add me to the watsup group