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As a blogger, my top most priority is to provide my readers with genuine, valuable information to digest followed by me making money from it. As that’s the reward for hard work.

With that in mind and money in consideration, google Adsense is one of the best way most bloggers make steady income on a monthly bases in foreign currency (dollars, pounds, euro). And if there is one thing you and I know, it’s the fact that you need a medium to receive these dollars in Nigeria which is in no other way but by banks. And as long as the banks are concerned, there are 2 methods involved, which is either by direct bank wire into your Nigerian bank savings account or through his use of domiciliary accounts.

Now, before the dollar rise, and fall of the Naira, the savings account option was considered that easiest and fastest means - that most bloggers often recommended it. Due to the rigor involved in opening a domiciliary account. However, after the rise, when Naira became N365 against the dollar, the banks kept to CBN fixed conversion rate of N199 to a dollar, making those who adopted the savings option to lose out massively in the blood money lol! Thereby making the dom account a necessity since with it, you can easily receive your earnings in raw cash (dollars) and exchange at a higher rate from the aboki’s.

So with that said, a domiciliary account is, basically, an account operated with foreign currency. Such foreign currency could be Dollars, GBP, Euro, etc. It can be run by both individuals and corporate bodies. In this post, I will be telling you guys how I was able to easily open my own domiciliary account with zenith bank without passing through the rigor of providing 2 references and the initial $100 deposit.

Zenith Bank Full Requirements For Dom Account Opening Include;
==>1. Account Opening form duly completed & signed.
==>2. Two (2) specimen signature cards duly completed.
==>3. Two (2) recent clear passport size photographs with your name and signature written on the reverse side.
==>4. Residence permit (where applicable).
==>5. A valid form of I.D. (International Passport, Driver’s License or National I.D.)
==>6. A copy of a Public Utility Receipt (not older than 3 months)
==>7. Initial Deposit.
==>8. Two (02) References.

With all of the above, you will agree with me that it might take weeks if not months to put all of the documents and persons together for your dom account opening. However, to make it a lot easier, make sure you have a savings or current account that has been active for at least 6 months and that you have a considerable amount in the account.

Once you have that, they will ask you to write a formal letter (don’t worry, they will give you hints on that) stating the purpose of the account (That is what you want to do with it.). If for Google Adsesne, use “to receive google Adsesnse payments” and then give them a print of your payment recipe for the previous month. This will serve as proof (you can find it in your Adsense payment section). But if otherwise, state the reason for it.

However, if you don’t have an account, go to any zenith bank branch, and open one. Then go home and return in about a month or 2 for the dom account.

To wrap up things, this is not only applicable to Zenith bank alone. If you own an account (preferably current account, although savings account works too) with any of the Top Nigerian banks, you can easily walk into any of their branch close to you and apply for a dom account. Insist you already have an account and wouldn’t be needing any reference.

That’s it my friends. Making money in dollars is now blood money lol. Don’t dull yourself by letting the banks cheat you. Get a dom account and exchange at parallel market rates…

This post was written by Uche Francis. He is a Blogger, Self Published Author, and Content Creator who is mostly online, preaching to the world about technology and providing solutions to tech related issues through his tech blog A tech fan base for all Naija Youths with like minds.

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  1. Nice one bro. Plz add me to ur whatsapp group (08033399334). Thanks

  2. Thanks to you for all your helps here my friend. My question is can Fidelity Bank do the thing? Cuz i really need this account

    1. Yes sure. You can open a Dom account with fidelity bank. Also heard their charge rates are pretty low. Which is good

  3. bro nice one....thanks for this.. bro am a regular reader of ur post and have seen a lot of post about blogging but guess am not ready then or kinda busy but now am ready, I wanna go into blogging, I need ur help, you can reply me through my email or WHATSAPP 08060051450

  4. Nice one there. I opened mine with Diamond bank 5days ago.

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  5. guy pls what do you meant by "exchange at parallel market rate" does it mean that the rate is lower, pls clearify me using the dollar rate as of 2day as an example . and is it the same for all banks. thanks

    1. By exchanging at parallel rate, I mean exchanging your dollars at rates higher than what the banks can offer you.

      If you are conversant enough, you would have heard people talking about going to aboki's, mallams to change their dollars.

      As we speak, this mallams change dollars to naira for as high as N370 per dollar while the banks might just give you at N200 depending.

      Hope you now get the drill bro?

  6. I don't really do one withdraw the dollars from the domiciliary account so as to exchange with the aboki's

    Commenting from samexycool

    1. Hello bro there is a post on how to withdraw from a domiciliary account. All you have to do is go through it, to withdraw your dollars then approach any aboki in your area dealing in dollar exchange to exchange to naira at a very good rate. Mind you, its not only aboki's that are into dollar exchange. If you are in imo state, a popular joint for that is the Ama Hausa area at Douglas.

      Although you may have to shine your eyes so they don't cheat you or end up filling your money with canter

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  8. Pls how do i write the application for opening Domiciliary Account. I need the guidelines.

  9. Please will this method still works in 2017?

  10. wat can I use it for?

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  12. Abeg I do I make money with this AdSense stuff. Almost 50k and above views on my videos

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