Smartphones with good Internet connection provide free alternatives to voice and video calls with the aid of social messengers. Lots of popular social messengers like: Skype, Google Hangouts, FB Messenger, Viber, Wechat etc, are already added video calls features to their messengers while Whatsapp also planning to activate their own Video call soon.
The BBM video calling feature was earlier made available to only BBM fans in the United States and Canada, while BB10 users have been rocking this feature for long. Good news to Africans and some other parts of the world, now you can make video calls via Blackberry Messenger (BBM) to your friend and loved one using Android and iOS devices.

Requirements For Using BBM Video Calls
1. Android device: OS 4.4 (KitKat) and higher
2. Apple phone: iOS 8 and higher
3. Upgrade or download the latest BBM version from Google play store or iTunes respectively
4. You must have an active data subscription.

To Make BBM Video Call On Android Or iOS Device
1. Launch your BBM messenger
2. Tap the icon to initiate a call with one of your BBM contacts
3. BBM will ask whether you want to make a voice call or try a video call with the beta feature (provided your contact is also eligible to participate)
4. Select to try a video call
Keep in mind, you'll likely have to wait until others on your BBM list get the update as well in order for it to work.

» Download BBM for Android from the Google Play Store
» Download BBM for iOS from iTunes

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  1. This is really a welcome development

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  2. Nice update shelaf, at long last BBM users will now be able to make video calls just as it is done on Skype, IMO etc.
    But BBM is not as buzzing has it used to be back then.

    I certainly hope they roll out more fabulous features or perhaps make the app available on lesser Android Operating Systems, but they shouldn't localize it like 2go :D lol.


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  4. Nice one bro. Pls add me to your whatsapp group 08167521054

  5. For some reason, bbm video is not available on my device, but I am running the latest version. Am I missing something?