Port-Harcourt residents, get ready for the latest 4G LTE Advanced network. I know lots of Nigerians are vigilantly expecting the ntel 4G services in their locality. Residents in Abuja have been enjoying ntel network for a while and recently, ntel have started the operation in some parts of Lagos. Those who had tested their network in Abuja and Lagos can testify to ntel extraordinarily high internet access speed (42Mbps - not bad at all).

Good news to Port-Harcourt residents, ntel has set to extend their 4G LTE network Service to your city, including areas like Bony Island, Onne and even stretching to Delta State. They have mapped out the plan and tools are all on the ground waiting for kick-off.

Everything has been put in place and they are set to roll-out the 4G LTE network in Port Harcourt before the end of July! While other states of the federation will follow.

We will let you know the place to get the ntel sim card as soon as they are live in Port Harcourt.
If you have already purchased their sim card and tested their network, kindly share your savoir faire about ntel services.

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  1. This is good news

  2. The more downloads we added to the network the more the speed, unlike other networks that share 2mbps (if u r lucky) between downloads. And a constant 5mbps is what we get when using idm.

  3. This network selects phones it works on, I have a note 4 that supports all the LTE bands they use 900, 1800 & 1900 MHz bands, and yet these network has refused to work, it's also amazing how there agents don't know pin about the technicalities of their own network, good way to start