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  1. Pls sir I have an innjoo T1 tablet which has been flashed with a wrong rom so the device has been hard bricked and does not come up again at all but it is still detectable with my pc on every port it is still detectable i have downloaded many roms from different sites and tried to flash it. It is always giving me error 4032 I have tried with the battery and without the battery still d same result i have tried Windows 7 8 8.1 and 10 they will all stop at 100 percent on the red line that is the DA agent and would pop up error 4230 pls help me i have been suffering from this since one month pls sir God bless u

    1. The solution is very very very simple, I hard bricked my HTC while I was trying to root it thru OS boot set-up, what you have to do is just CHARGE it for a minimum of 10hours (make sure it charges for atleast 10hour straight without any slight interruption), and under normal circumstances it shout Auto-restore to its original OS

      But just in case problem persist that could rarely be due to some external factors like third party software OS misinterpretation effects that may result while you were flashing, you may contact me so I can be able to ask precise questions and better able to determine you custom solution: my no is: 08102865520

  2. is the site waplosded cloned? it's really awesome nd cool