It seems MTN really mean the business this time around, they are set to roll out 4G LTE Service in Nigeria By July 2016. To the enjoy their 4G Service, they are now concentrating on giving us amazing data packages. Do you know that the recent data plan of 1.3GB for 1k has upgraded to 1.5GB, price still the same.

Whatever you use the data bundle for, live streaming, heavy download, normal download etc. MTN got you covered with suitable data packages. This Mtn newly rolled out data bundles will be a challenge for other networks. Now, there is data for everyone, check out the lists of Mtn newly rolled out data bundles;

Daily Users
Mtn 30MB for N100, SMS 104 to 131 - Valid for 24Hrs
Mtn 100MB for N200, SMS 113 to 131 - Valid for 24Hrs

Weekly Users
Mtn 750MB for N500, SMS 103 to I31 - Valid for 7 days

Monthly Users
Mtn 1.5GB for N1000, SMS 106 to 131 - Valid for 30 days
Mtn 3.5GB for N2,000, SMS 110 to 131 - Valid for 30 days
Mtn 10GB for N5,000, SMS 116 to 131 - Valid for 30 days
Mtn 22GB for N10,000, SMS 117 to 131 - Valid for 30 days

Data Plan For All Mifi Users (3Months)
Mtn 50GB For N20,000, SMS 118 to 131 - Valid for 3 months
Mtn 85GB For N50,000, SMS 133 to 131 - Valid for 3 months

Competition always brought out the best, Mtn don't what the new launched network - ntel to bench them or what do you think about this newly rolled out MTN Data bundles?

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  1. Airtel unlimited night plan is now N1000 gmfor 6ix hours, no more 3hr or 1hr plan, I called the costumer care yesterday, Fucking pandehos

  2. Spectranet offers 30GB + Unlimited Browsing from 1am to 7am for 1month @ 10K that's a better offer and its 4G

    Would consider MTN when im not in 4G prone area

    1. Has anyone told you how frustrating it is to use spectranet?

  3. I was told the Mtn BBLITED is back... has anyone tried to confirm that?

  4. Good one from mtn

  5. awesome, finally time to rock with cheaper internet cost on mtn.. i rep

  6. If ther is only one wife,she will feel on top of the world,but when d husband brings anoda wife let say one or two the arrogant who feel on top of the world will come to her sense to be humble and obey her husband more.Mtn now come into their sense when they see the new 'wife'(Ntel) comes looking up to the day when 1GB would be N200 and can be used for 30 days!

  7. It's still expensive.. compared to Glo and airtel.. MTN is terrible .. mtn bblited back?

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  9. Men I taught my bro that lives in ibadan was lying but I dont know untill I saw this new setting online he talkk about I saw apn like wap.ia I dont want to belive this but mtn bblited back! Well I wan try am to see for my self since the news is every were in my area online that is back but I wan try am now to confirm

  10. Airtel are, what do you call it? Hmm, stupiiid. They brought affordable night plan when there wasn't competition and now they stupidly change it to 1k? Who will pay? I know I won't. Wait maybe I will when I need to download and there's no ntel. They just fucked themselves up like mtn did when they removed simple server. I will keep my money simple it's not by force to be online ai. Dama it takes too much time doing pointless things. Nonsense.

  11. Still enjoying etisalat free browsing

  12. Latest:-MTN BBLITED is Back again and rocking mad may 2016 by abbeysat: 5:20 am On May 08
    Dis is to inform all tweakers that the recently blocked MTN Biz is back aynd rocking like mad.
    Step to subscribe and settings of it.
    dial *123*3*6*3*7*1# Monthly N1000
    *123*3*6*3*7*2# Weekly N350
    *123*3*6*3*7*3# Daily N70
    Step to configure your phone using
    Simple Android Server and any VPN handler ( Psiphon, Pronet, Netify…etc)
    1. Set your APN
    Name: any name
    APN type: default, wap, ia
    VPN handler setting
    Proxy type: Dual real host
    Custom Header: X-Online-Host:
    Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Type: HTTP
    Real Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Port: 8080
    Choose USA or Best performance
    Connect through HTTP Proxy: Port: 8080

  13. sitting on my throne laffing at airtel like kikikikikikikikikikikiki..... whoever advises airtel management team should be checked into rehab ASAP. i mean with competitons now growing stronger airtel now decides to increase their most affordable plan. SWEET!! The knockout punch will now be if truly MTN BBLITED returns

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  15. Wao i have tested BBLITED it's working like mad

  16. Well mtn any way some guys were able to activate mtn 15 gb by sending router to 398 well evil mtn were quick and they block it now I was able to activate 50mb some got 20 while some got ten anyway it is free just dial *123*5*5# then reply with 1 to get a free mb who knows what u will see ok to the topic of the day a friend of my right befor my very eye was able to activate mtn 100 naira for 500mb as am speaking that is what I am using to post I dont know if it select sim the plan is called mtn quick wind You can activate by dialing *446*11*4*7*5# and make sure you have up to N100 on your account @iriaidahosa

  17. Please don't try the BBLITED it's still same old shit.. Connects but doesn't bypass the data limit once you use up your data in 5 minutes your money is gone

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  19. @iriadihosa --> Dem give me 10 mb but e no gree browse. I fear make the quickwind no be say. I never try. Abeg help. I get free musicplus data. Send n to 5900. No simple server config don work so far.

  20. As we can see there are no free cheat on mtn now music plus even bblited that we are haering rumours about is not easy to get on with . Now Airtel has been very stingy in terms of free and cheap browsing tweaks especially now they have decide to block and increas their night plan unlike in MTN and Etisalat where ther are numerous free browsing tweaks to choose from. to inform u guys the etisalat 0.00 tweak is still working perfectly as of may-9-2016 . Now This airtel 0.00 tweak came out few months after we discovered Etisalat 0.00 trick but people neglected it because it selects SIM (doesn't work on all airtel sim cards).

    However, the other setting for this airtel free browsing tweak doesn't select SIM and should work for you but it uses slow DNS instead of the popular Psiphon VPN app. In this post, i will be simple, precise and brief so that you will get the key points as fast as popular. Remember, am sharing this for people that are still finding it difficult to flex MTN and etisalat tweaks and for those that have a better network signal on airtel in their location.

    Am going to share with you three working settings for free browsing on airtel so you can try any of them. The first one is still working as of May,9.2016 . So below are the Psiphon Settings for airtel 0.00 cheat

    1. Settings for Psiphon:

    Download Psiphon pro lite handler on number 2 below if you don’t have it already or netify vpn

    Tick remove port

    Proxy Type: Real Host

    Proxy Server:

    Real Proxy Type: Inject

    Real Proxy Server:

    Real Proxy Port: 3128

    Now click Save

    Tunnel whole device.

    Got to options,

    Select Region: United States

    Click on More Option

    Tick connect through an HTTP Tick use the following settings Host Address:

    Port: 3128

    Go back and hit on connect

    You can also connect without the IP and port. Just untick host address in case yours refuses to connect with IP

    Airtel 0.00 Free Browsing Cheat Settings On Psiphon
    Download Psiphon Pro lite handler HERE
    Set it up as follows...
    Tick remove port
    Proxy Type: Reverse Proxy
    Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Type: Inject
    Real Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Port: 3128
    Now Click Save
    Turnel whole device
    Got to options
    Select Region: Best Performance
    Click on More Option
    Tick connect through an HTTP
    Tick use the following settings
    Host Address:
    Port: 3128
    Go back and hit on connect

    Wait for about 5 to 8 minutes and it should connect.


    Browse Free With Airtel using Slow DNS..

    Do not use this package for downloading if you are using the free server which gives access to only 25mb daily. But if you still want to download UNLIMITEDLY then you will have to upgrade to a premium account.

    Just follow the simple steps and you are good to GO...

    Go to your play store and and search for "VPN Over DNS" and download it.

    Now move to your phone settings and create a new APN as follow: Name- shelaf

    Username- internet

    Password- internet

    Now that you have finished stting up the APN. Just open the SLOW DNS that you downloaded and configure it as follows:

    > Leave the first and second box and navigate to the third box, choose any free server of your choice

    > You will see something like this in the forth box
    <<> delete it and input this IP

    > Tick on "Keep changing source port"

    >Tick on "Binary Query" then you click connect.

    >After that wait for proper authentication.... and client configuration... Once it connects you are good. Just continue surfing but don't download because the free servers are limited unless you upgrade to premium servers just like it is done on tweakware All thanks and blessing goes to shelaf for his work

  21. Boss thanks for mtn information and anonymous i appreciate psiphon cheat.
    Bros Shelaf I think this new mtn data bundle just won in this data competition with this move oooo. Because their plan come dey fast too which na wetin guys want. These their new plans come even better pass etisalat sef

  22. No dulling. Chai!. I pity SME guys

  23. pls which cheats are available and working

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