Nigeria has come a long way in terms of technology. Just like the popular saying goes, “we no dey carry last at all”. But then, there has been something that many Nigerians and Africa as a whole has been trying to achieve for long, but with limitations, and that’s building a website that has Facebook features. But this thought has only been a wish for many. Many others have gone beyond just wishing, and tried but failed along the way. It has always been as if the social networking sites or community can only be created by the whites. Though, some years ago, some group of South African programmers programmed an app called 2go, but that can’t be compared to Facebook in terms of features.

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter had been created for long, by the Americans, and now, may I introduce to you a new but very powerful social network launched few months ago by a young talented Nigerian. It’s called Mitplanet. You can go to to SignUp and start flexing with it. For now, Mitplanet don’t give full support to any of the mini browsers like opera mini or Uc mini, they recommend the following browsers.

Google Chrome
Opera (not the mini)
Uc Browser

What Makes Mitplanet Unique?
Below are the top four features.
1) You can send an invitation message to your friends in other social network like Twitter, Google, etc. During or after SignUp. (That of Facebook friend's invitation is still being worked on).
2) Breaking news at Supersports,, Aljazeera, etc., will reflects in the news section of Mitplanet. So now you don’t have to open other tabs to sort for news updates while in Mitplanet, because you got everything there.
3) You can import all your photos from Instagram, Flickr, and Picasa even without upload afresh. This is great for saving your megabyte. The CEO promises to add that of Facebook photo upload later.
4) When viewing it from the desktop, you can filter your search, when sorting for new friends. To access this feature you have to go through the menu and click on members. You can then see the filter search at your right.

For now those are the top four working features. The CEO of Mitplanet has promised ever more greater features to be launched soon.

Become a member of MitPlanet Socia Medial now @

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  2. nice one.. will check out the site

  3. Just checked out the website.. cool. but the developer choose to use pictures of white people in the homepage instead of blacks... thought Nigerians were black lols??

    1. Lol! Ur comment make sense. U are welcome and thanks for your time to dropped comments.

  4. The site is so cool

  5. Created by Naija wetin those oyinbo pictures dey do 4 up. Na my problem with some fools b dat. I b wan create account but as i c dose pictures i close d tab

  6. Yeah....its nice having one of our own develop such, but i noticed the home page he chose to use white folks as much than the black, though may he wants it to be accepted universerl. But still kudos.

  7. The site is not opening with all the browsers I have tried it with

  8. It has started opening, it seems they where doing some system upgrade

  9. Hey guys, check check your internet connection well, i've been visiting and using this site always since i heard about it and it has been opening 247, and i'm loving it.

  10. add me to ur group 08174498769