See How A 21yrs Boy Is Making N5,000 Monthly Online Via Fiverr!

Making money online comes down to three main basic components which are;

Do not allow yourself to be deceived again, making money online is as simple as having the right offer and making it available for the right people to buy in a right way/manner.

This offer could be digital products (i.e. info products, like e-books or video tutorials) or physical products. So in a nut-shell, you have good products or services to sell or render, you showcased it on your website and send the right traffic (i.e. customers) to it in a right way/manner and they buy and you get paid, period!

The question now is, what if you do not have products and websites and you do not know how to create them, neither how to get traffic (customers) to them online, how can you make money online then?

That is where the secret of this little boy of 21yrs old will help us. I will tell you a little about how he is banking up to N1,000,000 monthly online via on this post and you will get his complete 100% free e-book tutorial on how (step-by-step) he is doing it and also how you too will be making up to such amount too online from the link I will give you below.

You remember the three main basic components of making money online I mentioned above i.e Products/Services (the things you sell), Website (where you showcased them) and traffic (customers that buy those things).

This little boy does not know how to create any of them either, but he has a secret genuine place that he is downloading "info products (i.e e-books)" for free, and he comes down to the "world most famous online marketplace that has millions daily traffic of hungry buyers, which allows people to sell their products for free in their website", and showcased his "info products" which he sells many daily and is able to be making up to N1m monthly online.

The "world famous market place" am talking about is "".

Now what is is one of “The world’s largest online marketplace for services, starting at $5”
So the whole idea here is, if there is anything or any services you will be selling or rendering at the rate of $5 per each, then you come up here, selling it or rendering it, and be getting paid, period! But before you freak out and said to yourself, “why should I be wasting my time on a business of $5”?
Hold on and let me show you what this little boy and others are earning there @

Before I do that though, let me tell you more about;
1. is a kind of an outsourcing network where you can sell anything, like "info products" and physical products.
2. You can also render your services on and get paid.
3. You can register at for free or sign in with your Facebook details.
4. awards it's performing sellers with levels which range from level 1 to level 3.
5. You sell things or render your services on at a fix price of $5 per each but you can sell higher once you get up to level 1 and above.
6. calls the products or services you sell or render at their website "gigs" and not calling it products. So in other word, if you have about 2 products you are selling on fiverr, instead of saying you have 2 products, you can say you have 2 gigs.
7. You can have up to 20 gigs on one account.
8. collects 20% of your each sale as a way of providing services to you free. Remember that you are not paying them, but they provide you with their website and traffics for free so that you can make it online, and re-ward you give them is the 20% of every sale you made and the 20% of $5 is $1, so in every sale you made, you collect $4 and fiverr keeps $1, which is "AWESOME".
That is it for now...

Let me show you little in what this small boy and others are making on fiverr.                          
From the above picture, I will explain it with their numbers, (have it in mind that the gallery picture there is not the little boy, but a picture from an outsourced video he used to set up the gig. More on that later).
No1. Is one of the services the boy renders on, and is an "e-book that teaches how to get traffic to websites" that he simple send to anybody that orders this gig and get paid (He got the e-book from the genuine secret place, you will know the secret place from his "100% free e-book" that I will give the link below).
No2. Is when he created/showcased this service/gig on
No3. Are the percentage of positive reviews he gets from his customers (those that have ordered his service/gig).
No4. Are the days that he chose to be completing his services to those that ordered this his gig/offer.
No5. Is the number of others that he has to complete yet (47 people ordered his service which he has to complete within 2days).
No6. Is the number of people that have bought his gig and gave their positive review (remember, not all that bought it have time to give positive reviews, so the number of people that buys it should be more than that).

Now let’s do some maths!
You can sell things on for $5 per each, though it may be higher via gig extras. award their sellers that are performing well with levels which can be either level 1,2 or 3 and once you get even to level one, you have the ability to be selling your products up to $20 per gig, level 2 can sell up to $40 per gig and level 3 can sell up to $100 per gig!

The owner of, will collect $1 per sale and you hold $4 if you are selling $5. (Do not worry about where you will get products or services to sell or render on, you will see where later on that little boy's "100% free tutorial e-book" that I will give you link below).
You can set up to 20gigs on one account as I told you above.

Now from the above image!
At least purchased = 1072
Number on queue = 47
At least total purchased = 1072 +47 = 1119
Amount per sale = $4
Total earnings = 1119 x $4 = $4,476

Have you seen the potential of income on this?
$4,476 pure profit from one gig alone within only 3 months. Remember that not all that purchased leaved their reviews and some gigs may be an extra gig on which the price may be more than $4 each, so the earnings may be more than $4,476.

But if we stick with this, it shows that this guy is making an average of $1,492 monthly (i.e $4,476/3) from just one gig alone and not in the whole account.

What if this guy has set up the whole allowed 20gigs on his account and he is making an average of say like $500 (which is low) from each gig every month, that will be a massive income of $10,000 (i.e. 500 x 20) from every month, (which is not hard to be earning, is a matter of knowing the little secrets of how it all work).

If you convert this to Naira (Nigeria currency) at the time this post was written it will be $10,000 x N160 = N1,600,000 (over 1 million Naira every month). Men, this is more than money in the bank.

Haven’t you seen the potential earning yet? Ok, let’s look at this one below!
The above picture is not his own, but from a lady who have learned the "Top seller secret" from him.
Now, from the above picture we have this figure below;

At least purchased = 1566
Number on queue = 63
At least total purchased = 1566 +63 = 1629
Amount per sale = $4
Total earnings = 1629 x $4 = $6,516

That is pure profit of $6,516 in 7 months, an average of over $930 every month from just one gig, not bad! Let's assume that she has up to the 20 allowed gigs and she is making an average of say $300 every month, it will be $6,000 (i.e. $300 x 20).

If you convert it to Naira, it will be N1,194,000 (i.e. $6000 x N199), from a work that is taking her at most 4 hours every day and she can do it from anywhere in the world even from her home.

Now the question is, does it mean that everybody is making it big on
The Answer Is Capital NO!

I will back myself up with this image below!   
From the above image;
At least gigs sold = 4,
Orders in queue = 0,
Total = 4 + 0 = 4,
Earning per gig = $4,
Total earned 4 x $4 = $16,
Convert to Nigeria Naira = N199 x $16 = N3,184
Average earning from one gig =N3,184

Hmmmm, believe me, this kind of person is wasting time here!

Now the second question is, if some are making it big on fiverr and others are not making it, why that, and also how to help you to be among those that make it big there.

Well, if you look up above, I told you "not to allow yourself to be deceived again, that making money online is simple as having the right offer and making it available for the right people to buy in a right way/manner".

And that is the Golding truth when it comes on making money online, you have to focus on these three things which are; right offers, right people and right way of presenting it to the people.

If you do not have right offers, you might not make it big on and if you have right
offers but do not know the right way to present it to the right buyers, you will not make it too on and have it in mind that not all good products are right offers for buyers on, there are things that sales most there.

For the "right people", fiverr has millions of right people ready to buy their offers on daily
bases and as a seller there, you will cut your own cake of fiverr's daily millions buyers traffic.

Now I believed you have known where this little boy of 21yrs is making above N1,000,000 monthly
online (which is and have known the difference between those who are making it big there and those who are not making it big, which is ability of getting the right offers and the right way of presenting it to the right people.

Now if you ever wanted to benefit from this little boy's secret of banking it big from
by knowing the right offers that are selling most on fiverr and the right way/manner to present
it to millions of fiverr buyers and also know the genuine secret place where this little boy is
downloading his offers for free you can get his "100% free e-book" in which he revealed his secret
on how he is making up to N1,000,000 monthly via from the link below!

I warn you though, if you want to get hold of this "life changing free tutorial e-book" that
reveals his secret, download it "now" from the link I give below before he takes the "free e-book"
down out of internet. If you are browsing with phone and you are not seeing things clear or you could not download it with phone, I suggest you go to cyber-cafe and download it, if you do not have computer.

Below is the link,


If you have any question, you can contact him directly with 08083741110 or post your question below and you will get your answer ASAP!

Thanks for your time and please share this post to help others!
Good luck making money online!

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      There is no banning of any ips of any countries by so all countries have been accepted by all time before till now.

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