This is the opening day of the new month and it preserve be a new create of your life as well. Take a lengthy breathing and begin, going advance towards your purpose. Best of good fortune - Happy New Month!

Apology for not create thread for you guys to share the experience about pass Black Friday. Here we focused two popular website Jumia and Konga. I know you guys have a lot to say about their 2015 past Black Friday in Nigeria, but I don't want my comment box to crash just as the way Jumia website crashed at start hour of Black Friday due to too much traffic. Jumia 50% off started at 12am and during this time, millions of Nigerians struggling to get Infinix hot2 at 50% discount, as a result of that, Jumia website was so scared and went off, lol!

2015 Black Friday has become past and there will be another 365days before another can come, may God spare our lives till then. The past Jumia mobile week Megathon, which held on June 2015 was far better than this so called Jumia Black Friday and Konga Yakata. Anyway, let hope that more better promo and more favorable offers are coming very soon. Never give up, never lose hope, tomorrow may be your day to enjoy all your hard work so far.

Sorry for the interruption. Back to the main business of this thread.
It has been a while I reviewed the best and affordable internet plans for all Smartphones/PC. Today, I'd brief you guys with the best and cheapest internet data plan which I hope they really nice for you to enjoy in this new Month. This code were all tested and running fine as at the time of posting and it covers MTN, GLO, Airtel and Etisalat Nigeria Networks.

  1. For 2GB: Send “SPB to 131” in a text message. Cost N2,000, valid for 30 days.
  2. For 2,015MB - MTN Better Me Data Plan: Text ‘SPB to 131’. Cost N2,015, valid for 30 days.
  3. For 4.5GB Day and Night Plan: Send ”120 to 131” in a message or dial *131*1*5*1#. Cost N2,500, valid for 30 days. Note: The is a new development on MTN Night Plan. It separated the bonus 1.5GB and the 3GB, data will be deduct only on 1.5GB at day time and from 3GB between 9pm to 6am
The above Data bundles work for all type of device
For Android and PC users who know how to tweak their device
» MTN Music Plus, BBlited and Bbmidid Tweak are still blazing very well.

Close to 2years now, Glo bis of 3GB as been a better means for Android users to surf the web with affordable price, up till this moment is still remain the best and working flawlessly on Android Smartphone with the help of IMEI Tweaking. PC users can also enjoying it through tethering.

» To Subscribe for Glo Bis of 3GB: Send “COMONTH to 777” in a text message or dial *777*21#. Cost N1,000 and valid for 30days. Check out this link for more detail:

Few weeks ago, Glo NG has unveiled a unique offer for data subscribers, tagged "Glo Twin Bash or Glo Data and Voice Bundle Offer". With Twin Bash - if you make a data recharge of N200, you get 200MB data (worth N800), free N200 to call ALL Networks and another N200 to call Friends and Family. For the full detail, check out this link:

Recently, they also upgraded their 1GB data plan of N1000 to 1.2GB. You can now get Glo 1200MB for N1,000.
To Subscribe
» Load N1000 on your Glo Sim and dial *777#, then follow the prompt to choose your selection.
» Valid for 30 days
Other Available Glo Data Plan Via *777#
  1. N2,000 = 2.5GB 30 days
  2. N2,500 = 4.5GB 30 days
  3. N5,000 = 12GB 30 days
  4. N8,000 = 24GB 30 days
  5. N10,000 = 17GB 30 days
  6. N15,000 = 2.5GB 30 days
  7. N18,000 = 21GB 30 days
To subscribe for any of the above plan, load the required amount on your Glo Sim and dial *777#, then follow the prompt to choose your selection: For more detail, check this link:
Never worry about data zapping, I can tell you that Airtel data are very normal now. No more excessive data consumption.
  1. For 3GB - BB plan, but work for all device: dial *440*16# to subscribe, cost N1,500 and valid for 30 days.
  2. For 4GB - Android Bundle: dial *437*1# Cost N2,000 and valid for 30 days.
  3. For 9GB - Android Bundle: dial *438*1# Cost N3,500, Valid for 30days.
  4. For 1GB Android Bundle, dial *496#, cost N1,000, valid for 30days, .
Those plan are working flawless on all types of phones and PC.

» Opera-Mini Plan: 1 month, 260MB, N300 - to activate: dial *885*1#, to check the data Bal; *885*0# (Work for all apps on Android smartphone).
» Weekend Bundle: 1024MB (1GB), for just N100, dial *474*1# to activate. 
Dial 140# to check data balance.
Note: It can only be use on Weekends (Sat – Sun).
For more detail, check this link:
  1. For 1GB: Simply Dial *229*10*10#, cost N500 and last for 24 hours. This plan known as an emergency plan.
  2. For 1GB: dial *5995*2#, cost N1,000. Last for 3 Days (Weekends plan).
  3. For 2GB: dial *229*2*8#, cost N2,000, validity for 30days.
» For 1GB: dial *229*2*7#, N1,000, validity for 30days. Note: If it refused to work on your phone, simply use an Infinix Hot Note Smartphone to activate it.

» Etisalat Smart/Chatpak Tweak are still blazing well on Android device, once you have the genuine Password, good Server and working proxy.

Do you know any other Best and Affordable data plan? Kindly share it with us via comment box.

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  1. Replies
    1. My mtn bis simple server was stopped working and i didn't change any setting but it works on my pc i need help plc.

  2. What a fantastically vehement and pertinent compilation!

    1. U're most welcome and thank you so much for the endorsement!
      Much appreciated.

  3. bro shelaf good job for helping naija boys but pls help me on something how can i configure my yahoo messenger to work with simpleserver pls help very urgent

    1. Configure it as follow:
      In the Messenger window, click Messenger | select Sign Out.
      - You'll be signed out of Yahoo Messenger. Click Messenger | select Connection Preferences.
      - Select Connect via a proxy server, then select HTTP proxy and click OK.

      - Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools | select Internet Options.
      - The "Internet Options" window opens. Click Connections >> Click LAN Settings.
      - The "Local Area Network (LAN) Settings" dialog box opens. Under "Proxy Server," select Use a proxy server for your LAN.
      - Enter your information as follow;
      Address: - Port: 8080, then click OK.
      - Click Advanced to verify that your proxy settings for secure connections are correct.
      - You can then, sign in to Yahoo Messenger.

  4. please help how can i configure my yahoo mesenger to work with simple server

  5. Shelaf I rcivddat if u use d Mtn music 4 1 wik we will pay 300 naira 4 d next subscription. How true is it

    1. Nothing like that, when you carefully follow my instruction posted here

  6. Shelaf I subscribed 4 eisalat 150 smartpak plan BT m unable 2 browse wit it only social media app. Plz can u gv me a working VPN dat I can use

    1. OpenVPN with new server and Psiphon with latest Proxy are still working, just watch out for my updates, I will try to make post for it by tomorrow.

  7. sir for three days now I havent been able to browse via simple server.there have a lot of complain lately........plz any solution.reply asap

  8. hello sir,for 3days now I have been finding it difficult to browse via simple server...any fort coming solution will be highly appreciated.I look forward to your quick response and solution.thanks

    1. Update is now available for SS via eti smart/chat pak, just check out my latest update and if it is for bblited, kindly download new SS via play store.

  9. This site still remain my best site for knowledge so far, no scam whatsoever. Big thanks to Mr Shelaf. More power to you elbow

    1. It is my pleasure to received your comment. You are most welcome and thank you so much for the compliment.

  10. Please Shelaf are u sure that Airtel no longer zaps data like before? please how true is this? because someone I know who subscribed to one of their plans as at October 31 was still complaining to me. please as at when was it that this zapping of data stopped? I would appreciate your response. thanks

    1. I'm using Airtel Bis of 3GB for N1500 (*440*16) on my PC to response to this ur comment and I've been subscribing to it for the past 3months. To me d plan is ok for now.

  11. Airtel are zapping my data of 1500 too much. What is the way out?

    1. I don't know why u people are complaining like this, it is something that am using, infact is d 1 dat am using to response to this ur comment and the plan is OK here.

    2. Hello my boss, is there a way to use Etisalat bis on a BlackBerry 10 device. Thanks for your tireless work and effort

  12. how do i get the good server and working proxy for the etisalat chatpak

  13. hey guys,airtel is not zapping data anymore..infact,i think airtel is the best for now...anyways,thanks prof for the concise & precise compilation.

  14. Pls bros... i subscribed the airtel 3gb for 1500 for my pc, i want to use it wit my mtn cracked modem... but after all the settings of apn and all that.... it refuses to connect with the mtn cracked modem... please any help....Tanx