Blackberry Z10 Smartphone users are you here? Now you don't need to sideload the APK files before you can run and enjoy it on your BB Z10 device. Just like the way we improvised original Google Play Store for Nokia X, X+ and XL. For Blackberry Z10 Smartphone users to use the service like every other Android device users, here I present to you the easiest way to install Google Play Store on your Blackberry Z10 device.
To Install Google Play On BlackBerry Z10
First of all you need to download the following apk files on your BlackBerry using any browser.
  1. Google Play Store 5.7.6
  2. Blackberry Google ID 2.1.1
  3. Google Account Manager 4.3.2
Installation Process
* After downloading, the names would be;  
       2. cobalt.backberry.googleID, 

* Intall and run, then login with your Google account information.
* Install and run cobalt.backberry.googleID, and register your device with Google Play.
* Close the two apps above and proceed to the next step.
* Install and run to start enjoying Google Play Store!

Note: The method works with all Blackberry devices running OS 10.3 and better. OS 10.2.x is not supported.
Other Points to Note
All three apps must remain on your BlackBerry Z10 device. Google Play may stop working if any of the apps missed.
Play Store works with all Blackberry devices running OS 10.3 and better. OS 10.2.x is not supported.z

Now that you have successfully injected Play Store on your BlackBerry device, you would be able to use the service like every other Android user. You can;
* Browse and download your favorite apps, games, movies, music or books
* Automatic download and installation of game data (obb files), no manual copying required
* Downloaded apk files (free and purchased) are saved in device/downloads folder
* Buy apps, books, music or movies directly from your Blackberry device
* Support for your preferred payment method: Credit card, prepaid card or PayPal
* Support for in-app purchasing: Buy gems, upgrades or unlocks for your app
* Support for paid subscriptions (monthly/yearly/other)
* Get refund for paid apps (if supported by developer) and many more.

Credits goes to Colbalt 232 of CrackBerry.

Hope this information helps?
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  1. Wow...great news, thanks
    Pls I d mtnbblited still working and how can I use it on my samsung tab 10.1

    1. Thanks too for the comment.
      Yes is still blazing very well, simply follow this link instruction to get it done:

    2. Though it took a lot of retries before I finally downloaded all the files...mehn! Twas worth every bit of the effort
      Amuses me to see play store on my Q5.
      So lovely!
      P.S d bis stuff ain't working for me

  2. Only d blackberry ID is downloading...others, downloading failed!!!

  3. Good Even Sir! Thanks for your post so far till now, Please i have downloaded all the apps as you instructed and all of them installed successfully but if it reach for registration on the google account it took me to my WiFi when the scan is done it shows up no internet connection mean while i have normal data subscription plan running on my phone and is the same connection i used to download all the apps you required my email address is Please i need your feed back ASAP


  4. akintundeakingbehin@gmail.comAugust 15, 2015 at 8:32 AM

    Mr. Funsho, abeg help me with dis bblited thing na...d simple server is just saying "listening for connections..."
    It is not working, abi it has stopped ni?
    And thanks for d play store once again
    Mr didn't ask me for WiFi o... hope u followed it accordingly sha?

  5. Pls not in our catalogue is what

  6. Thanks bro, But is there a way one can install "Google play services"

  7. Mr Micheal, tried it for a friend yesterday, and it insisted on using wifi... I sharply turned on my mobile Hotspot for my friend to use.... and it installed normally. After which I switched it off and the app continued using the normal phone network.

  8. Though I encountered the wifi-ish at first,after several attempts it worked,its cool. Nice work, cheers!

  9. Google play did not install for me

  10. Show wif network again and agaim

  11. Google services won't install in my phone,,what would i do?

  12. Oga Please mine is taking me to WiFi oooo

  13. Good afternoon bro, am having issues on registering registering my device. The responce Is *checkin failed* how can I go about it?

  14. "check-in failed". Please guide us.

  15. Best information, very simplified! Awesome! Great work, man.

  16. Wo wo wo wo wo wo hurray! finally google play store running in my BlackBerry z10

  17. I guess I've done something really bad to my phone, okay so the problem I'm facing here is I can't install Google accounts on my z10 it shows up this error ' unable to install this app'. Once I tried to install Google play store on my z10 not the way you said, what I did back then was first I installed Google play services and then the play store. Obviously it didn't worked. I got this really stupid idea Coz of the Amazon play store, I thought if amazon play store can directly be installed then the Google play store can be too. So now whenever I open any of my apk or games this error shows up - ' unfortunately google services has stopped working '. So I got freaked out and I deleted Google services and the play store after force stopping them. But that error still shows up. And now when I wanna install play store the right way,I'm not able to install this google accounts apk. Plz help me out. ^_^

  18. it's work to me, im success installing google playstore on my device, look at this, blackberry q10

  19. I was able to download and install all the three listed apps above and have done all that is required of me but the problem now is that the Google play closes when it's about to download and sometimes closes some seconds after its opened.

  20. Google play closes when it's about to install and sometimes closes some seconds when it's opened.

  21. All 3 app installed but cant create or login in any account, says, cant connect google servers

  22. unable to install google account manager in blackberry q10 os 10.3.1

  23. Good day, mine installed successfully but when I run the play store, it put a certain error, please what do I do?

  24. Good day, after much back and forth I was able to install all the apps, but when I start running the play store it brings an error page "Error while retrieving information from server [DF-DFERH-01]" please what do I do?

  25. Poor poor. Your link takes me to an ad page. So annoying

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