Yeah, we are in the second day of Iumia Mobile Week Megathon, You can now grab your favourite Infinix Smartphone today with low price. Unfortunately, the awaiting Infinix Hot Note Pro will not be available for sale today. It will be launched on 4th of June 2015 at Lagos before it will be available in Jumia Stores.

The Infinix Hot and Hot Note are now available in Jumia Mobile Week Megathon with low price.
There is 50% discount flash voucher for the luck people, below are the voucher codes for giveaway price;
For Infinix Hot, at 12PM, use: INF102 or at 3PM: INF103
For Infinix Hote Note, at 12PM, use: NOTE102 or at 3PM: NOTE103

Extra 50% flash sale goes live at 12PM and 3PM respectively, just give it a trial and you may be the part of luck people to buy Infinix Hot at a giveaway price of N8,000 and Hot Note at a giveaway price of N12,225.

For better result, make sure you Shop with Jumia Mobile Apps and use the above Voucher codes in the Checkout Page. 

Grab your Infinix Hot or Hot Note here

You have to be smart and fast enough to activate the 50% shopping voucher, as it was termed (Flash Voucher), which means it will go OFF and ON, not something stable.
Best of Luck!

Stay glued for the latest Tecno Smartphone display with amazing price tomorrow.

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  1. yea nice post but i have been foolowin dea site bt its still d initial price dat is still there wch is 24500, dey havent updated dea site for us to see d new price of the megathon yet an dits really disturbing to the masses and their subscribers. do you think that they will still do the promo for this day 2 today atall? please shelaf like hw much do you think the infinix hot note pro will be when it comes out cause am tinkin i shud wait till 4th june to see if i can get it.please reply. just tell me wat u tink d price range with be.thanks

    1. Target d time and use d below codes to get extra 50%.on Infinix Hot and Hot Note.
      Sorry pls, I have no idea on the price of incoming Infinix Hot Note Pro, let wait till then.

  2. Extra 50% OFF on Infinix Hot and Hot Note
    At 12PM: use code INF102 for Infinix Hot and NOTE102 for Hot Note.
    At 3PM: use code INF103 for Hot and NOTE103 for Hot Note.

  3. big bro!! I got d note for 24500 yesterday can I get d 50% discount today Thursdays or it already late ..I need anoda one

    1. For tecno Smartphones, it's already late, today's deal is Lenovo Smartphone and you can get 50% on Lenovo A6000 and Lenovo A328. For order, simply check out this link b4 it is too late:

      You are welcome.