Good evening, dear viewers and hope we all have a lovely weekend? Anyway, thanks to God almighty for our well being. After a few months ago when Airtel destroys our enjoyed and ever lasting Bis plans on non BB devices. It is clear that a lot of their Bis customers of non BB devices have ported to another network due to the unsympathetic deduction in their Bis data caped, not only that, they also reduced their Bis data of 2GB to 1.5GB and the one of 80MB to 40MB without any former notice. 

There is an ongoing rumor that their Bis data plan is now normal, is like Airtel have learned from their mistake but i don't even think of port back because i have now satisfied with Mtn Night Plan but am sure there are people in the house who still love to surf with Airtel Bis on non BB devices if it is actually back to normal.
Today, I subscribed to Airtel Bis of #1500 for one of my friend to confirm and the 2GB as been given, instead of that deficient 1.5GB and the rate of Megabytes deduction when browsing is also fear.
Their daily plan of 80MB is back to normal too. View the screenshot below for the proof of my today subscription:

There are lots of latest working Airtel tweaks on this blog, PC user - check here for the Airtel current working tweak. Android, Symbian and Java Users here.

If you still have an interest in using Airtel Bis on your PC or Smartphones, especially iPhone/iPad, you can go ahead now. 

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Do you have any other suggestion or Contribution about the Airtel BB Plan issue? Is it still working on your Android Device and PC or not? Let's hear from you. Cheers!!!

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  1. Thank God they have learned their lesson. But they have lost the trust of their costomers already and only time can undo it.
    Meanwhile, with the introduction of data sharing service by other networks like MTN, GLO And etisalat, the cost of data have suddenly reduced. Individuals or groups now buys data in bulk and resell it to others bit by bit at a very cheap prize. E.g MTN 250MB goes for N400, 500MB is just N800, 1GB = N1,500 etc. All are valid for 30days. This thng is real, many are enjoying it.
    Please following the Nairland forum here and see the testimonies users are giving.

  2. Sir, I subscrip for daily bb plane. I Received 80mb,but I can not Connect. 80mb was wasted.Pls sir, what can do so that it can not repeat again

    1. If it is nt work on dat line, u need 2 test it on another line bcz it is working direct on some lines or u can power it up with another #100 by subscribe to 10mb with *141*712*11# after u subscribed 2 dat 80mb.

  3. I subscribed for this package but got 1.5G and they have zapped more than half of it in two days

    1. Dat is an old story. It is now reversed back to old 2GB & d data plan deduction was back 2 normal.

  4. Pls which phone would you recommend android or blackberry(because of its fixed data plan)?