Whatsapp is a messaging application just like the inbuilt message but it requires the internet, its an instant messenger which deliver your message immediately you send it and you receive message immediately you are sent a message which is called Instant Message. It also allow you to send multimedia message such as media files like tones, voice record, video, video record, image e.t.c.
Whatsapp users are entitled to one year free trial period before the person will be subsequently paying after trial ends and this is not just a single year, you will have to pay a lesser price of $0.99 annually but this is unlike that of iPhone which they only pay once and the application is forever. Though $0.99 is a little dime and a lot of people is willing to pay but one thing i think that get most people stucked is the inability to own a Verified Paypal Account in Nigeria and Valid Mastercard/credit Card.

Well, this post might not be useful for you now but don't count it as useless beause by 6 months plus from now, when your Whatsapp free time is expired, you will be looking for this particular post to read by then. Bellow tutorial will explain how to extend whatsapp life, use whatsapp for free, how to exceed whatsapp free trial period.

How to Extend Whatsapp free Trial Period
The process involve two methods in which you can choose any one that covinient for you there. I strongly recommend doing this when your whatsapp is a day to expire but you can still use it now. Faster enough the better it is.

First Method Requirements
  • A device running Android OS
  • Another device running iOS e.g iPhone or iPad
How to Get it Done.
  • If you’ve already installed whatsapp on your android device, delete your account completely
  •  Look for an iPhone or iPad that whatsapp has not been install and download it afresh from iTunes
  •  Install it, activate your mobile number and verify it
  • Now, use your activated number on your Android Device  or any other device and Check your Service time it is extended to Lifetime or 10 years! 
Secound Method
  • Open Whatsapp on your Device
  • Go to Settings >> Account >> Delet Account
  • Enter your mobile number in the given field and then click on delete my account 
  • Now trial is gone but you are no more on whatsapp. Read on. 
  • Open whatsapp back and register as normal as you do before by entering and confirming your phone number. 
  • After succesfull registration, you get one more year free. Check the status again as explained above in the first place.
 That's all you need to do to get rid of the trial without paying a dine.

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  1. Nice one. I also was thinking of this idea before until i come across it here. Mr Shelaf,thanks.

    1. U are welcome & tnx too 4 ur time 2 drop comment.

  2. Hihi, May I know whethere is works on Blackberry? :) Reply asap thx!

    1. It should work on BB phones too, give it a trial.

  3. i deleted my account twice but still the expiry is showing same as before (4 months remaining)
    Any ideas?

  4. deleting account doesn't work.give any more ideas

  5. Hello


    Which method is known for its appropriate use. I mean which method is effective.

  6. It didnt work ooo.