Android vs. iOS, the never ending tussle will continue forever and no stopping it! If you either own an iOS device or an Android device, then this tussle between them will trigger your intensity of interest to a great level. 
It is often printed in popular media and online channels that Android holds the edge over iOS and it is topping the chart with some splendid performing devices, OS, and applications.But, this time, it is a different story as recent reports covered by The Business Insider reveals that iOS developers are making out 5X more revenue per download compared to Android’s.Let’s analyze how far it is true and what made this possible for iOS in this post. 
The Business Insider:
I don’t think any of you would like me to introduce this top-notch media that comes up with some high-quality news and reports. This time, the popular medium has hit the market with a headline stating Apple’s iOS has blown away the Android in terms of revenue generated by app developers. 
Often, the reports suggested by this portal are never untrue and most reliable. The information of app developer revenue between iOS and Android is estimated and reported to The Business Insider by BI Intelligence. 
I think we’ve discussed a lot about how this report was formulated and why it is a reliable source of information. 


Android vs. iPhone app developer revenue story:
According to the reports of The Business Insider, each app download provides an iOS app developer with revenue of $1.0 whereas app developers of Android can experience only $0.19 alone. Just imagine what will be the case if there are more numbers of applications downloaded from the app stores. 
Of course, the app developers of iOS will be experiencing better revenues of nearly 5x what Android developers acquire for the same amount of applications downloaded. 
What could have influenced the app revenues of iOS developers?
In fact, the reasons may be many. However, predominant reasons that could help you realize this is in-app purchases, mobile ad revenue, etc. The reasons mentioned above are the major factors that have contributed for higher revenues to iOS app developers compared to Android app developers. 
The mobile ad revenue is found to be 77 cents for every $1 on iOS and it is found to be 24 cents for Android. This gap between the ad revenue can create a massive difference when the app download happens on the higher scale
The in-app purchases are found to be $0.24 for Android compared to $1 of iOS. Again the difference would be huge whenever the apps are downloaded hugely from the app stores. 
So, the monetization gap is not just high for iOS only in per app download but also for other factors. In total, all these factors contribute to only one factor. The app revenue for iOS app developers is much better compared to Android app developers. 
Can Android hit back?
An interesting question to ask for. But, I’m confident that Android will bounce back strongly. Though it mayn’t blew out the iOS app developers revenue as soon as possible, it is highly possible that they’ll find out ways to impress their app developers to relish much better app revenues
As of now it is apparent that iOS app developers backed up with some meticulous planning from Apple enjoy incredible benefits relatively 5X better than Android. However, still the customer base and download rate of the Android apps are at the higher rate compared to the iOS OS and applications. 
So, the both platforms with splendid performances will lock horns once again with yet another update or enhancement and however, it will be the user who’ll be benefited by this. 
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