Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing users to make instant payments and money transfers securely throughout the Internet.
Perfect Money appeared in 2008 and quickly became popular in HYIP Fund Payment Systems. It has been translated into many languages (Including Russian) and works with two international currencies: USD and EUR, as well as troy bounces Gold Metal.
Perfect Money has registered in Switzerland in Zurich.
Since most VPN Tunneling Softwares add the Perfect Money to their website as among the means of paying for Premium, most of my viewers have been asking me how they can get a perfect money account.
Here is how to get it done.
    To Open a Perfect Money Account
Go to Perfect Money Registration Page Here or by click on the Logo below


Fill out the Registration Form, Read and Agree with the Perfect Money’s Terms of Service then click the ‘Signup’ button.
It will open like the Screenshot Below
    NetOopsblog protected image

    How to Fund Your Perfect Money Account

Opening Perfect Money Account, it is easy as that. To make payments on the Internet with Perfect Money currency you need firstly to load the account. This can be made by various methods enabling you to turn your real wallet into a virtual one. 
To take advantage of direct funding options login to your Perfect Money account, click on Deposits and select:
  1. Wire Transfer.
  2. Instant Bank Transfer 
  3. Certified Exchange Partners
  4. Direct Deposit (German, Austrian, Swiss and Belgian bank account holders)
  5. Cash Terminals (Russia and Ukraine)
    Funding options available via Perfect Money Certified Partners
  1. Western Union/MoneyGram
  2. Wire Transfer
  3. Other E-currencies
  4. Visa/MasterCard debit/credit cards

    How to Withdraw from Your Perfect Money Account

It is easy to convert Perfect Money electronic currency to real money or other payment tools. Money withdrawals can be performed via Bank Transfer
    To withdraw funds and deposit into a bank account enter the ‘Withdrawal’ Section. Once there, select the bank transfer option and fill in all the required data. All the necessary information should be supplied by yourbank. If all the areas are filled in correctly, the system will generate a withdrawal order. Funds are released within 24 hours after the order is generated, and the funds should be received within 3 to 5 Business Days.
    The current minimum withdrawal amount via bank transfer is US$100, and there is no maximum, however for very large amounts your bank may request that you have corporate client account status. 
    Account Verification

    Voluntarily verification is designed to achieve a higher level of trust with other Perfect Money account holders and gain access to advanced account functions. In order to achieve ‘Verified’ status for your Perfect Money account you need to pass all three validation options:
  • Name Validation
  • Address Validation
  • Phone Validation
Perfect Money account holders also earn interest on their funds, currently 4% per year.
Create Your Pefect Money Account Now!
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  1. Can i fund my account tru GTB or any bank and can some pay into my pm account.THANKS

    1. When you chose bank option, the payment must be made through any bank option they provide for you but if you chose Visa/MasterCard debit/credit cards, then you can use your GTBank MasterCard for the payment.
      Sure, any body can pay to your PM acct, through ur PM acct number.

    2. the only method i can see there is bank wire, evoucher, certified partner, credit exchange, how can i use my mastercard please reply

  2. Can I buy pm with my verve card?

    1. No, Visa / Master Card are d 1 dat allowed.

  3. Does pm has any specific bank account number with a particular in nija.

    1. No, such option is available to bank account holders at Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium only.

  4. Lord shelaf i have a funded PayPal account but after 30 days they said i can't make payment's anylonger that i need to verify my with my bank account details or ceedit card. I opened it as a south African please can you help me. Thanks, blessed be..

    1. What u are asking is not what i can brief under comment here.
      You may drop ur email 4 further detail.

    2. Plesse hrlp me to deposit money into my PM account, i only have ID

  5. Thanks my email address is

  6. my question is that how can i use my MasterCard to fund my pm account

    1. Credit card option to fund Perfect Money Acct is nt yet available 4 9ja users. It is only available to residents of China holding the appropriate cards.

  7. Hi thanks for the post really informative now wanna ask,
    1 can one deposit cash into pm directly via wire transfer using a normal gtbank saving account
    2 the saving account is denominated in naira not dollars and
    3 the saving account has internet banking system enabled

  8. How can I fund my Perfect money account with my naira master card?

  9. Sir i'm using fidelity bank plc and i have a visa card is it possible to load pm via my visa card? i use it to purchase online...

  10. Thanks for important information about money savings.I got many tips for perfect money to bank.
    I have already follow other website to get more information for money to bank.

  11. Hi
    It is the site for perfect money management.Here I got information for cash out money.It is actually the site for perfect money to bank.I have also visited site for perfect money automated receive and payment within 24 hour.Thanks.
    Perfect money to bank

  12. Hello,
    Pls I tried to open an account, It was successful but I did not receive confirmation in my mailbox so couldn't log in to the account since i did not get any member ID.
    How can u help pls?

  13. Can I open an account from USA?

  14. is my pm member id also wy pm account number

  15. It's hard registering account this days,what do I do

  16. I tried to get an account here in nigeria couldnt,besides the page I saw was blue n don't know if the page was cloned

  17. I am a Ghanaian who has a savings account with Fidelity bank.
    How can I use my savings account to fund my PM?

  18. pm is not opening on my laptop what will i do?

  19. This is very nice post, I really appreciates your efforts and talent, Also any one need Digital Dollars Like Perfect Money, Web.
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    1. Hi Funsho,
      Pls avail me ur phone number so we could talk.

    2. Or, U can drop ur contact on


  20. I can't create my perfect money account..
    Can you tell us,i means tell out there...
    Can't use visa or master card...?
    I don't think so...its true that perfect money it safe and the only one to be use.
    I think you only built your own company and not sincere to help .
    If you sincere to help .let somebody or out there use visa and master card.
    And if you believe ALLAH IF YOU ARE A ISLAM.


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    Reach millions of clients
    Easy management
    Demographic filter
    Affordable rates
    Anti-cheat protection
    Detailed statistics

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  22. i want to know about perfectmoney please guide me fully pleaes..

  23. funsho pls inbox me ur number on this address so that we can talk thanks

  24. Good morning sir, please I want to know more on how to open a perfect money account sir. The site has not been opening. Thank you sir.

  25. i tried to create an account with perfect money but its not opening, why?

  26. is it possible to fund my PM account here in Nigeria with my GTbank or Firstbank Pls response.

  27. Can i qualify for the card, especially i must be paid by bitcoins, in siuth africa.

  28. can i add fun on pm using indian visa card?

  29. i m a Nigerian i want to fund my perfect money accout,,, how can i found it ? help o.. or @iam_dayman

  30. i hav been trying to withdraw my money but d verification keeos on failing..what might be the cause

  31. i cant send money out of my account.anytime i click the send money option.. it sign me out and takes me back to the login page.

  32. How can i convert TBC (The Billionaire Coin) to fund my PM account? is this possible?

  33. lord shelaf .... i have been reading ur blog for quite sometime now... i wanna host a site (SP) but wanna get some advice pls..
    pls respond to this mail acct

  34. How can i fund my PM account

  35. we will provide trading in various cryptocurrencies and withdrawal into fiat of major global and african currencies.
    the crypto access point for the African continent