Are you still getting 10mb per week on your Mtn pulse when you recharge #100? Then you are missing out because there is a way of 50mb or more in a week instead of 10mb when you recharged with this same #100. This is not a tweak, cheats or a free browsing technique but a rightful means Mtn choose to reward its users on the pulse and if you are not an Mtn pulse user, you can still migrate to it to enjoying this stuff.

How to Migrate to Mtn Pulse
Send 406 to 131 or dial *406#.

Now Let Start on How to Get 50mb
  • After you have finished the initial 10mb given to you and make sure that ultimatum 7days was past.
    Load #100 as you normally do before.
  • Then you will receive a message that you have get 10mb for a week.
  • Don't mind them, quite it immidiatelly and send a message 50 to 131.
  • Check your MB with *559# and you will see 50mb or more.
It is simple as that, enjoy it while it last.

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  1. I thought u send 406 to 131 or dial *406# to migrate to mtn pulse. Why is it *407# now?

  2. "You have sent an invalid command. Text HELP to 131. Thank you!" thats d reply i go and i didn't get any 50mb... Didn't work.

  3. Thanks 4 d post i just recharge now becos my last data expired yesterday but after trying d procedure it didn't work. It says u send an invalid command

  4. Didn't actualy work. Any errors?

  5. Hi Mr funsho thanks 4 the post. But i tried it the reply i got was U HAVE SENT AN INVALID COMMAND.

  6. Mr funsho u have ignored us all here since but u have been replying to other post.

    1. Not like dat pls, i have seen dat d code is no more response but i ave no good news on it yet, dat is y i keep silence.