Are you still not yet benefit from the ongoing Mtn free browsing with Tunnelling vpn? If OpenVPN or Droidvpn did not work for you, Troidvpn is another alternative for Android phone users to enjoying Mtn free browsing with #0.0.
  • Visit Google play to download it or download it here
  • Run and install it on your device
  • Set Protocol to TCP
  •  Set the LPort to 5222 
  • Set the RPort to 1110 
  • Set your apn to
  • Connect and enjoy your free browsing.
Please try to follow the instruction carefully, am not happy with the way most you guys comments while the post is tested and confirmed working before published and is currently rocks very fast and stable with a premium account.

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If you encounter any problem during the process, use the comment box below to say your view and i will reply you as soon as possible. 
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  1. followed all instructions carefully but still can't connect. no offense but one begins to wonder if this was really tested or you're using a special type of mtn Sim. it would have been really lovely if this worked but hey guys, nothing stops u from trying your luck!

  2. It isn't working for me @all...I donno wat else to has refused to run

  3. Boss no pc own...?

  4. Oga shelaf wil i u to upgrade my phone so dat i can u troid vpn

  5. It is working here but difficult to connect & not stable. Thanks

  6. Shelaf just take it easy people are NT easy to deal wf. Dey lov yu and are free wf yu Dats Wy dey comment wat dey feel

  7. tells me connectin , reconnectin , and not running I prefer Gae proxy pls if yu AV any Fr it.

  8. Do I need to root my phone before it works? I tried connecting but ends up with "not running" message and when my Samsung galaxy grand duos did browse, I checked my call credit but noticed its deducting it. Am I getting any setting wrong? Same thing happenes with DROIDVPN and for the OPENVPN I cant get the zip file to load from my sdcard. Will really appreciate your help. Cheers


  10. Can we use this on pc
    I mean pc browsing

  11. Pls help how do browse with mtn,am using a. Samsung gaalaxy 10.1 tanx