Viber application allows you to text, call, and send photos and video messages worldwide for free to over 200 million users using 3G or Wifi. Viber is available for PC, Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Phone and many more devices and platforms.
On Viber, your phone number is your ID. The application syncs with your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which of your contacts have Viber.

Features of Viber Software
  • Free calls with HD sound quality
  • Groups with up to 40 participants
  • Send stickers and emoticons, making messaging fun!
  • Share locations
  • Respond immediately to messages using quick reply
  • Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a call or message, even when Viber is off
  • OS integration – share photos and videos straight from your device’s gallery
  • Designed with the Native Android UI in mind
  • No ads and 100% free
How Does Viber Work
Once you and your friends installed Viber, you can use it to talk and message as much as you want.
You don't have to register! No registration or passwords required. As i said earlier Viber uses your phone number as your "identity" and lets you make free Viber phone calls to any of your friends that have Viber - using THEIR phone number.

Once you've downloaded Viber, you will receive an access code via SMS to activate Viber. Ensures that you are the real owner of the cell phone number you have registered and prevents others from obtaining your access code and placing calls with your caller ID.

How To Get Viber Application
To download Viber to any of your device, log on to, click on your device then click Get Viber.

Direct download link for Devices
» You can also get Viber download for PC (Windows and Mac).

» Viber for Windows Phone here
» Viber for Android here
» For iOS here
» For Blackberry here
» For Nokia Phones here

How To Make Calls From Viber Application
With the Viber application running , tap on the 'contacts' tab at the bottom of the screen.
Tap on the contact's name you want to call. This will open the 'info' screen and then just tap on the 'free call' button.
Does Viber Work for International Calls?
Yes! You can make local and international Viber to Viber calls at no cost. It doesn't matter whether you and your friends are in a completely different country, you can talk and text as much as you want! Just make sure your friends have Viber app installed on their phone too.
Does Viber Work on Blackberry?
Yes, although you might not be able to make calls with your Bis. I tried it on my Blackberry. I was able to chat with my contacts but couldn't call them.
Guess I will need to use a data plan and configure my Blackberry with my network's APN settings.  I read somewhere that if I use WiFi, I will be able to make calls with Viber on Blackberry. You can also try it and share your experience through the comment box.

For now, I am rocking Viber on my Android phone. 
Add me On Viber and let's keep talking!

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  1. Shelaf baba!!! Oya drop ur viber i.d make we d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ chat d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ go jooorrr!

  2. does the registered number have to be the 1 in ur internet enable phone' onlike whatapp i registeres my zain while i use my mtn line on it,na my mtn dey inside my browsing phone

  3. Does it work on asha phones?thanx

  4. @anonymous the internet must have good connection for it to work have been using it for long time now.

  5. Pls mr funsho....does airtel still offer 10mb on club10 padis ? Because i recharged #200 and i wasnt given the free 10mb for d whole week

  6. Plz Mr Funsho am new here nd i want 2 ask does airtel monthly bis work on pc nd how abeg..nd thanks alot 4 ur good wrk. U are very good at these .

  7. Una wan turn this guy to customer care? pls ask reasonable questions joor

  8. How to use up to 100mb with just 100 naira......migrate to mtn pulse by dailing *406#........den subscribe for advanced pulse plan by dailing *406*1# nd u wil b given 5 mb ur account bcomes 95 naira....try 2 browse with d 5mb makin sure ur money will nt b touched after exhaustin d 5mb.....after using d 5mb, dail *406*2# to upt out of advanced pulse plan and dail *406*1# again nd u wil b given anoda 5mb. Ur account bcomes 90 naira.....repeat d proces after exhaustin ur 5mb......wen properly don u cn get 100mb 4 just 100 naira

    1. Tnx a lot 4 dis very useful tips but it is good 4 petty browsing.

      Mr FUNSHO....... i wanna give u an info about ETISALAT BIS USAGE ON PC ..... which av seen a couple of people using it
      it is used by connecting ones BLACKBERRY FONES with a cable with the aid of a BB DESKTOP MANAGER the charges will be from the monthly subcription

      on the blackberry fone i.e the bis ......i collected the persons bb and i used it to browse with my destop managed which i av on my system it blazing like fire ( as etisalat

      give 3gb on their bis ... so i decided to use my own sim but wen ever i try connect my bb to my destop manger it connects but dont open the specified page i intentend to

      open instead it takes me top this page ( no matter the website i try visiting, it just take me to this page ( so am really confuse i dont

      know wat to do cos i really wanna use the stuff i will be happy if u can help me wit this issue and i know people out there will also like it

    3. D method u stated is nt working right now, u can only connect ur Etisalat bis with bb phone 2 PC or Phones thr Hotspot, if it is available on ur bb phone.

  9. i ave couple of people using it till date........... it just that wen eve i try connecting mine it takes me to a page(

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