Hi lovely viewers and welcome to this post, Previously I have shared a post on How to Make Free Calls to All Network on Your Mobile Phone with Airtel Line, which rock well before it get blocked. Recently I also shared a post on How to Make Free Calls to All Network on Your Mobile Phone with MTN Line (Magic Calls), though we did not really enjoy that because it was not last longer and it also sifted people from their current package which they are enjoying before. Today am here with another exclusive article on how to activate your Glo line for free calls. This is total different from that mtn rubbish one.
This will not move you from your current package and you can reactivate it as many as possible, when you notice that is no more going. It is time to enjoy what am enjoying for the past 3 days, i just intentionally delay it to confirm it very well so that it will not fuck up like Mtn one. When your line is activated with the simple code am going to give you now, you will be able to make calls to all Network without paying a dime, even with #0.0 on your account.
Without wasting much of time, below is step to make free call on your glo line to all network.

How To Get It Done
1- Insert your Glo Sim old or new to any phone and you don't need to have money on it.
2- Dial *170*12# to activate your line for free call.
3- You may Receive Error messages.
4- You have to repeat it many times till you receive a text message that: Your account has been credited
5- Then you are good to go , you can call any network for free...
6- And when you noticed that is no more going, just repeat the step to reactivate it back.
Enjoy while it lasts...

NOTE: It has specific time for activation, if you try it several time now and you did receive positive response. Do not panic, try it at late night or early morning. Good Luck!

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  1. it is saying sorry the ussd command you sent is not valid

  2. @Anonymous That is d error msg am referring to, keep trying & u will later receive a msg dat ur acct has been credited.

  3. Sup bro is the magic sim activation still working

  4. Replies
    1. Xp bro,hw does droidvpn tethering wrk..cos ma fone hasn't bn able to share internet since activated droidvpn

  5. is mtn magic sim activation still working? and which method work wella? plZ re ply me, bro

  6. Gudmrnin Mr Funsho hw ws ur nite? Pls i wnt to Ascertain if the Glo magic sim is still Blazing.

  7. It doesn't work.

  8. I have tried it too but am told credit is low to activate this package

  9. fuck you it fake you ponk ass nigger

  10. yes i tried it too it dose not work you really are a ponk

  11. it does not work fuck it

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