Since the blackberry phone is now being widely used all around the world now, it's necessary to give you guys a post on how to secure your blackberry phone from theft and viruses and data lost.
You can now Protect your Blackberry Phones Perfectly with Lookout Mobile Security, I Guess the Case of Spoilt or Stolen Blackberry phones will reduce as far as this Application is concerned!

This application has some interesting features as follow:
» Antivirus Features: This Application allows you to Protect your Blackberry from Unwanted and Malicious Application & Virus that Eats up Memory, Hides your Folders, Slows down your Device and even Cause other Damages.
But now with Just a Single Click your Blackberry Phones is 100% Secured.
This application safeguards your device against Viruses, Malware and Hackers to keep your device running smoothly and without any defects.
» File Transfer: This Application can also be used for file transfer, as in you can back up your files and contacts easily then transfer them to an old or new PC.
» Phone Finder: During Case of Theft, If you lost or your Phone got Stolen, You can Track your Phone Remotely Online at which can be used to locate it if it's stolen, get your phone’s location on a map and it can also be used to set off an alarm just in case you misplaced your device nearby.
» Backup Manager: With this Software on your Blackberry, No need to Worry about yourself, the Backup Manager can keep you Safe all day! You can Backup any of your Info e.g: Contact, Photo, Music etc. And you can Easily Restore data to New or other Phones and can Access your Files Online on the Go through their Website.
This Application Lookout Mobile Security is all you Need to Keep your Blackberry Phone 100% Secured!

Being Eager About Where To Download The Application?
1. Visit the Lookout Website via your Blackberry Default Browser at, The Download Link will be Presented to you or click here for the direct link.
2. After Downloading, Open the Application and click on the Sign-up button, Fill in the Required information.
3. Open your Mailbox and click on the Confirmation Link sent to you from the Lookout. {Verification}
4. Then Visit the Lookout Website and Get Started.

NOTE: You can Track your Phone even if its with you to See How it works, it will show the Present Location where the Blackberry is even if it is in your House, Scream it and Feel our it will sound if eventually anything happens!

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  1. It's not downloading on my browser, pls help me out. And even after downloadin, would it be the normal version or the premium version. Thanks

  2. It's not downloading on my browser, pls help me out. And even after downloadin, would it be the normal version or the premium version. Thanks