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June 23, 2013

How to Get Airtel 80mb With Just #100

Are you still getting 10mb for N100? Then you are missing out because there is a way on Airtel to have 80mb for the cost of this same N100. This is not a tweak, cheats or a free browsing technique, but a rightful means Airtel chooses to reward its Blackberry users by introducing the new Unlimited Blackberry Access.

How To Get 80mb For Just N100
  1. Load your Airtel line with #100
  2. Just send a text BBUD to 440 or dial *440*18#
  3. Wait until you get some SMS that  you have successfully subscribed for Airtel Unlimited 
  4. Send STOPAUTORENEW to 440 to avoid auto renew when it expired.
  5. To check for the number of MB you have been given, dial *123*9#
You can use this data to browse with your Android devices, iPhone, Symbian,Laptop/Tablet

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  1. Morning mr Shelaf, pls is this for the whole month or just for a day? I mean the validity period of the 80mb

  2. kudos to ya Boss, Thumb Up!

  3. @Plus U are welcome & Thanks 4 d comment.

  4. How can i use it to browse on my java phone or symbian phone

  5. @Anonymous It does nt required any special setting, just subscribe 2 it & use d normal setting u are using 2 browse on airtel b4.

  6. Pls admin, post ur configuration settingsof pc here pls cos mine wont work either on phone or pc.

  7. Pls can it work on java phones?

  8. mine is not working too i've tried it on android,java and symbian phone it doesn't wrk bt it wrks on bb but doesn't ping on bb too.

  9. Goodday! Thanks for d good job u keep doing. I'v used this on my bb but I couldn't stream..what can I do?I need a cheat that'll enable me stream on any of the networks.thanks!

    1. U can streaming with Airtel bis, may b something is wrong with ur setting, just check it. Is only mtn bis do nt allow streaming.

  10. They gave me d mb but they dont deduct it, instead they deduct my money. If the money finish, then i am not able to browse. Help pls

  11. @ all, pls stop subscribing to d abv tweak 4 other phones bcz it seems nt nt working direct any more, it also require another #100 to top it up b4 it can work which is unfair 2 me.
    Pls use d below link 2 subscribe 4 d 1 of 240mb with #200, dat is working for all phones/pc but bb users can still subscribe 4 d abv method on dia bb.
    How To Get 240MB On Airtel Network With Just 200 Naira Valid For 1 Week

  12. i dey use airtel mb for free

  13. Replies
    1. No special setting required, just subscribe & connect ur modem with normal apn & u are good 2 go but make sure u migrate ur sim to Airtel club 10 padi, so as to receive 10mb to power it up 4 a week when u subscribed.



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