This tutorial is actually for all blackberry users  this time and it will save your pocket of monthly bis subscription for a while. With this Sim, you don’t  need to worry over any form of blackberry subscription again.
Benefits Of This Etisalat Activated Magic Sim
  • You don't need to be worried of subscribing for any BIS again
  • Pinging  and downloading unlimited
  • No expiry date
  • Fast and reliable in a 3.G network area
Can This Sim Work On Other Device?
No! Only for Blackberry Users. Android, Symbian, and iPhone users can not partake of it except I
device a means of breaking through with the Apn settings.

Also remember that in the game of Magic Sim, risk is involve. If it did not work for you doesn't mean it's not working. This method should work for everyone except for some stubborn Sim.

How Can I Activate My Etisalat Magic Sim?
1.       Load a recharge card of #100
2.       Dial *499*3*2# or send COD to 399 and #100 will be deducted
3.       Wait for the confirmation message that your 1 day bis plan is active.
4.       Browse or ping for like 2 hours but don’t download yet. Remove the Sim and keep it for 48 hours.
After 48 hours, insert the Sim into your Blackberry and watch until your EDGE OR 3G comes up. If it comes up, congratulation because your Sim will continue to browse. Now watch it for a couple of hours if the network did not disconnect then you are good to go.

Why Are We Keeping It For 48Hrs?
To make sure that the one day plan expire. Once it expires and you are still pinging, it means your Sim has successfully been hacked.

Can I Recharge On The Etisalat Magic Sim?
No! Don’t even try it at all. Because the moment you recharge on that Sim, Etisalat will deduct your 100 and automatically reactivate you back to the plan. Leave the Sim Card naked without airtime.

Can It Browse On PC?
No, it can’t browse on PC for now. I am currently working on getting the accurate DNS and IP address to make it work on Android, iPhone and PC.

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  1. Funsho Kolawole thanks a lot, let me try this one out. I have not been able to do any of the magic sim even Mtn, would appreciate it more if u can send me ebook to my mail, Thanks

  2. thanks alot guy..... Though am not a bb user bt I must comend ur great job here.... Kudos 2u once again.... May God bless u nd ur family nd keep providing 4 ur needs always as u do here....Love u!

  3. @Ayo Taiwo U are most welcome & thanks a lot 4 d prayer, am g8tful.

  4. Thanks man, I have an observation, I sent the code, but they didn't remove my 100. And even the free mb they gave me is not been used now. But I browse and ping with the line. What should I do?

  5. the thing is wen ur done u can comeback and sey thanks .. cus that way we wud know its working right and den we can go and do it as well .. thanks

  6. It did not work for me

  7. pls I did it according to the way it should be don...but after insetting the sim my 3G network came out with the blackberry logo but I can't ping or browse with it...pls I need help

  8. Hi there, I really need you help on current BIS unlimited browsing via modem to PC, also I have airtel on my iphone but the service in my area is kinda poor I dunno mtn BIS can work on iphone, please email me at I'd really appreciate your assistance. God bless yo bro.

    1. Airtel bis is better & easy plan u can use on ur iPhone now, it does nt required any special setting, just subscribe 2 any Airtel bb plan & enjoy surfing with normal APN
      U can also use mtn bis with d aid of TunnelBear software on ur iPhone, check below link 4 d detail.
      How To Surf On The Net With Mtn BIS Plan On iPhone/iPad Using TunnelBear

  9. shelaf if you can see this comment please answer if its still working

    1. Ave tested it 4 long time & i can say dat is still working or not but u may give it trial. Remember dat is 4 bb users only.

  10. @shelaf is it still working ?