I was surfing through Airtel page yesterday, when I stumbled on their new tariff plan for Blackberry users. Just like Mtn and Etisalat reduced down their Blackberry tariff plan few months ago, Airtel has also done the same yesterday. It is obvious that all networks across the countries, most especially in Nigeria are seriously competing and the competition will not stop until my dream come through. Like I said that am wait till when blackberry subscription will be #100 for a month.
According to what they posted on their Facebook fan page:
  • BB Complete Month -N1,000. Dial *440*19# or send 'bbcm' to 440
  • BB Unlimited Month- N1,500. Dial *440*16# or send 'bbum' to 440 
  • BB Weekly - N350. Dial *440*20# or send 'bbcw' to 440 
  • BB Daily - N70. Dial *440*21# or send 'bbcd' to 440
  • Dial *141*1# for more information or visit their Facebook fan page here to see for yourself.
Though I know some people have already subscribed for the so called 2.98GB capped Airtel unlimited plan and they are unable to use it on non blackberry devices. Good news my people, am happy to tell you that your money is not wasted.

To effectively use it on your PC/Phones, do this:
  • Load Airtel Recharge card of #100 on a line you used to subscribe to a blackberry unlimited plan of #1,500 
  • Dial *141*712*11# to subscribe for Airtel 10mb daily plan 
  • Start browsing with it and your blackberry subscription of #1500 will start working after you exhaust the daily 10mb you subscribed to.
In my opinion, I will suggest you use the best network that is good in your location. If it is Mtn network that is okay in your location, use it. After all with Mtn Bis plan, you can download up to 4GB data if not more than at the same time browse with it on any device; and their BBC plan, you can download up to 1.5GB data if not more than. Customer care will not always tell you the truth so that you won’t finish your data cap. 
Tested and Confirmed. 

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  1. thank a lot, pls what is the data limit for the #1000 and that of the #1500

  2. I want to know the data cap so that i can regulate what to downlaod

  3. Thanks a lot sir!
    What am wating 4 is d time dat there will b no expiring date 4 all data subscriptions not only dat d price should come down to #100.

  4. @Anonymous D data limit of bbcm of #1000 is just 200mb so beware of subscribing 2 it.

  5. Hello, I subscribed for the 1000 airtel BLACKBERRY complete plan, and subscribed the 10MB daily, will it be unlimited Sir? Please text me ur # to doctorlexy@yahoo.com , I'd like to talk to you.

    1. No, u can only top it up with 10mb when u discovered dat d bb subscription is not work.

  6. Hi,
    Pls I'll like to know the data cap 4 bb weekly.