As a viewer of this blog, I believed we all had unlimited free megabytes or gigabytes though Glo G-Bam Codes has blocked but we are still surfing free! with Mtn Magic SIM Activation while some are not even exhausted their Airtel free Gigabytes. And now you can also pay less money and enjoying unlimited browsing. Mtn has reduced their Blackberry Bis from #3000 to #1500 and Etisalat are also reduced their Blackberry Bis to #1000, you can also browse unlimitedly with them and  you can use them on other non blackberry devices, check those links for more detail.

When, any way you have got yours, Shelaf is here to teach you how you can enjoy your unlimited megabytes or gigabytes, not only browsing and downloading make you enjoy your money, watching live streams is also among. Instead of storing your unlimited gigabytes just like some people did during the Glo Gbam before glo wipe it off.
You don’t need to waste your precious money on DSTV decoder anymore when you can simply watch live channels  like Aljazeera Sport Channels, Sky Sport, Canal +, Super Sport, Africa magic, CNN, BBC,CNBC, and many more, directly from you device.
You know what actually interest me mostly about this Dstv stuffs is the fact that:
  • It works with every reliable internet connection
  • It works better and faster with speedbit video accelerator
  • You don’t need any hardware
  • No need of TV card
  • No need of an Antena
  • It is for free F.O.C
Am pretty sure your appetite is wet already... lol!
 I will share about 5 links with you to watch live stations but first of all i will explain how to watch live football matches on your PC/Tablet as the main concern of this post.
 How You can Watch Live Matches with Your Laptop/Tablet
 1. Log on to 
 2.The list of all matches on that day will show to you. 
3. Click/Select the match you wish to watch. 
4. Another window will open & the streaming links will show to you. 
5. Click on any link, eithter LINK#1, LINK#2, LINK#3 etc. 
6. Another window will open, allow it to load & the Live TV Streaming Screen will show up, as in the screenshot below: 
7. lot of adverts will covered the streaming screen, just locate the x icon on top of the advert, click on that
x to close the adverts one after the other. 
Now your streaming screen will look like below: 
You can also full the screen to enjoy the match very well by click on a logo that was indicated in the above screenshot. 
NOTE: Be aware that live football stream get's available a few minutes before the match started.

Other Live Streaming Links
I want you to pay close attention to the first one because it supports iPhones, Android, Blackberry, and Symbian phones.
1. Live Stations: Live Station is a free DSTV software that is integrated with a minimum of 25 channels for a start. All you need do is create an account and   download the software, then log in into your live station account and choose any station of your choice then you are ready to go.  The moment you log in to your account, you will notice the provision for a iPhone, blackberry, android and some Symbian phones. Click this link Livestation to download it.
2. CyberTV: Software gives you entrance to online radio stations from over  140 countries as well as 882 online TV stations originating from 100 countries. No need to obtain a Tuner card for the TV or any extra hardware. Channels are all streamed via your Internet connection. For the Radio channels, a modem speed of 56Kb/s is required, for the broadband TV stations you need 256 Kb/s. Click Cybertv to download
3. Online TV2PC: Player allows you to capture your channels from any location in the world. This makes it great when you download it to your laptop. As long as you have Internet access, you can plug in and watch. I must tell you this that it is indeed the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to view international television in today's high paced environment. Click Onlinetv2pc to download

4. QuickTv to Pc: Quick TV to PC is the best available software online today to watch thousands of satellite movies and listen to radio channels from all over the globe.  click here to download. 
There are many more but  let me purse here. My magic sim just got a new dimension guys... 

Hope this information helps?
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  1. thanks for the post, but my magic sim and mtn bis is very slow, though my line is 128k sim, could you please tell why it is slow?

  2. @Anonymous May be u are using non 3G phone or 3G network is not yet available in ur area.
    Thanks 4 d comment 2.

  3. (shelaf home of knowledge sharing) keep it up

  4. Shelaf, please post the link to download the speedbit video accelerator. Thank you for all your great efforts.

  5. No am using on my area before, but now it is not working fast with the 3G at all on modern, but it works fine on phone. The 3g on phone flys like plane, but if am using modern it is very slow on 3G, or will you advise I should use my phone as modern?

  6. @Anonymous Mobile phone does nt consume lot mb, so it may fast on it & i did nt recommend u 2 use phone as a modem bcs it will worsted than b4, d speed of modem is higher than phone when connecting 2 pc.
    I still remain on my point that d 3G network is not good or stable in ur area.
    Check out d below link:
    To speed up ur firefox

  7. thanks for the tv post i am really enjoying it, mostly al jazeera, but the tv2pc is not downloading, please check it out and update me, thanks,

  8. Funsho tanx a lot they r greatly working here!

  9. please help with the etisalat magic sim u promised to find solution too...thanks am new on this blog

  10. @Anonymous Check my post very well, d Etisalat magic sim of #100 is still working but is 4 bb users only.

  11. for android users,you can also watch live matches using football streaming applications in playstore

  12. @Funsho Kolawole @what speed do i need to watch live matches clear and no buffering

  13. @Funsho Kolawole @what speed do i need to watch live matches clear and no buffering on my pc

    1. What i know is to get stable & reliable 3G network.

  14. Bro, well done job.
    wanna ask if dere is any provision for window fone at all (Lumia 920)

    1. Yeah, d abv post is also working 4 window phones too but make sure u login to d stated web address with web browser on ur window phone.

  15. Please, I jus checked it nd realise it not free, they need a credit acct details or sumtin

  16. how can someone connect this live station with TV

  17. Hello funsho pls none of this is working on my BlackBerry Z10, pls what can I do

  18. Your style is unique in comparison to other people I have read stuff from.

    Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this web site.